Life Begins Again in the Fall

I recently heard this saying and believe that it is oh-so-true. Fall has always been my favorite season and I’m so excited that this Sunday marks the first official day of it. I plan on marking the occasion with a good deep of our place, pumpkin candles ablaze, of course.

There’s just something about a new season that brings new hope and determination. This fall I plan to refocus myself to the goals I’ve made for 2013. That and enjoy all of my favorite fall indulgences:

Fall Fashion: boots, fur vests & layers
Hot Drinks
Pumpkin Patch
 Halloween and Thanksgiving
And much, much more…

But back to the goals. The last full season of the year is the perfect time to finish what I’ve started. I hope you’ll join me in ending the year strong.

Have a fabulous half summer, half fall weekend!


Willpower – Month One

My word of 2013 is willpower. If you haven’t read about this yet, you can do so here.
So how am I doing after one month? Here is the report: 
Goal #1 – Weight
On an average, I’ve been hitting the gym 4.6 times a week & mostly in the early mornings before work. As always, our schedule was a bit hectic this past month, with Cory training in Denver one full week & me traveling back to Wichita for a week, but that just made me realize how important it is to stick to a schedule as much as possible. And when I can’t – I have to improvise. 
The best news is that I’m solidly down 5 pounds! I hope to drop 5 more this month too.

Overall Goal – Something like this.

Goal # 2 – Church

Luckily we stumbled upon a church our very first Sunday here & it truly fits our needs. With Cory’s work schedule we’ve missed the past two Sundays, but have joined a small group that meets once a week, so we’re counting that as getting our weekly church outing.

Though I must say, I love the habit of getting up for church on Sundays. It just ends & starts my week off right. 

Goal # 3 – Blogging

If you follow my blog you can see that I blogged 10 times last month, more than I’ve ever blogged in one month to date. So I would say, this goal is off to a good start!

Goal #4 – Reading

This one is such an easy one for me, since I love reading. I finished 4 books in January, and since my goal is 20 this year, I think it’s safe to say that I have this one in the bag. 
If you want to know what I’m reading or need a recommendation, check out my reading list, here

Goal # 5 – Work

My goal of increasing our brand awareness in Northern CO is off to a good start! Our survey is out, I’ve had lots of meetings & gotten to know several people in the community. I even got to attend my first CSU game, court side, thanks to my job!

Goal # 6- Writing a Book

An ultimate life goal of mine, it is so hard to get started because I want every word to be perfect. I did make a conference call with Krissy Gasbarre, author of How to Love an American Man (read my post about her & the book, here) regarding how to begin writing a book with intentions of it being published, as well as jot down a few opening paragraphs. 
Work in progress. 

Goal # 7 – Dogs

We haven’t been on very many walks yet, but we have been on our fair share of dog park outings. Plus, our dogs go everywhere with us now. It’s a Colorado thing, I think. : )
Need to work on getting these babies out more!

Goal # 8 – Being Present

This is a daily challenge for me. The devotional that I’m reading this year is the same one I read last year after my friend, Lindsay recommended it  – Jesus Calling by Sarah Young & it continues to put this concept in front of me, which is such a good reminder.

Goal # 9 – Mom & Sister

We FaceTimed a lot when I first got here, but as life picked up, we’re down to about once a week. I need to work harder at initiating communication, though it was great to spend time with them when I was back in Wichita. 
When I’m with my sister, no matter what we’re doing, I feel at home & at peace. : )

Goal #10 – Being Kind

There are days when I’ve succeeded at this (though it was challenging at times) & there are days that I failed. I will say – I always feel more satisfied on the days when I choose to succeed at being kind.


My 2013 word of the year: Willpower. All encompassing. All improving. All – crap, this might be hard. But it has to be done.

If I look back on the failures 2012, willpower is the one central theme that contributed to each of them. Specifically because I have little to none of it.
Did I lose the post-wedding weight that I planned to? No. Why? Because I love Freddy’s Frozen Custard & happy hour always sounded more fun than the gym. 
Did I save as much money as I wanted to? Heck no. Why, you ask? Because I became obsessed w/two people you may have heard of: Michael Kors & Kate Spade. Oh & J. Crew – you didn’t help either.
Instead of setting hard & fast rules for a New Year’s Resolution that would probably get tossed away by the end of January, I’m just going to continue to set goals for myself. And when I set a goal, I use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely) method to determine how I’m going to achieve the goal. Here is where the problem lies: I don’t do what I KNOW I’m suppose to do to achieve the goal. 
So this year, I plan to focus on my willpower, because I believe that is the missing link in helping me achieve some of my goals.

Some goals I have for 2013:

1. Get back to ideal weight & then MAINTAIN.*
2. Re-establish our routine of going to church on Sundays.
3. Blog @ 3x a week for a total of at least 150 posts this year. Make @50 of those Style Posts!
4. Read 20 books throughout the year.
5.  Increase my company’s brand awareness in the Northern Colorado area.
6. Begin writing a book.
7. Get our dogs outside to play or for a walk/run at least every other day.
8. Be more in the moment, whether that be in the office, at the gym, on the phone, etc.
9. Become even closer w/my mom & sister via phone calls, Skype & visits.
10. Always be kinder than you feel.

*My ideal weight is not necessarily my lowest weight ever, just the weight I feel best at & is maintainable.

I would love for you to check back on my 2013 progress – help keep me accountable!

Happy New Year!