Weekend Wrap Up

It was a really good weekend. 
Friday was rainy and dreary, so I skipped out of work around 1:30 and came home to an impromptu snuggle sessions with my pups on the couch. Yes, even Natty (shh…don’t tell Cory). We watched this week’s season premiere episode of Nashville, caught up on some magazine reading and just relaxed.

Around 4 I hopped across the street to my new favorite happy hour spot, Domenic’s, to meet Rachel. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile, mostly due to our conflicting travel schedules, so it was SO GOOD to catch up. Rachel was my very first Fort Collins friend and I just adore her. : )
Saturday Cory and I hiked to the top of Horsetooth Rock. It was probably the toughest hike I’ve done so far (not that I’ve done many at all) and was so cool at the top.

Later that afternoon we found ourselves at what is now one of my favorite new (to me) bars in Old Town called The Forge.

The only take cash and they only sell beer – lots of really, really good beer. I tried a pear cider & a pumpkin lager.

Cory tried this delicious beer:

On Sunday Cory went to work for a couple of hours and I took advantage of having the place to myself by staying in my PJs until past noon. Ahhh…it was awesome. We went to our friends, Stefan and Erin’s house to watch the Broncos dominate & then it was home for me to plaster my butt to the couch and watch all of my abc show’s season premieres. Have I mentioned the I LOVE fall television? : )

I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend too. Now back to the grind of Monday!


Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend was one of those that just went by too fast.

We spent Saturday morning stand up paddle boarding on Horsetooth lake, something that we had tried before in Hawaii. It was gorgeous, super peaceful and fun, but I must admit that I preferred SUP in the ocean. It’s much more of a challenge, you’re able to go at a seemingly faster pace and it is a LEGIT full body work out – OUCH! I was a little disappointed that only my upper back was sore on Sunday from SUPing on the lake.

Still, it was a wonderful morning. We even got Natty out on a board…until Cory tried to stand up and she jumped ship.

We’re on…

And we’re off…

Saturday afternoon met our friends, Rachel & George at their campsite for some grilling before we headed out on George’s boat. We hadn’t been out on the lake all summer and we really missed it! There is nothing quite like the breeze you feel when you’re on a boat out on the water.

Sunday we drove to the Highlands in Denver and met Griffin and his sister, Chelsea for a long, mimosa filled brunch at this awesome restaurant called Root Down. The food and drinks were yummy, the atmosphere had a certain buzz about it and the company could not be beat, of course.

Griffin and I met while working together as tellers at a credit union in 2006, and the rest is history. I was so happy he and his sis (a fellow Coloradoan) were able to squeeze in brunch with us while Griffin was in town.

Overall, a wonderful and full weekend…but next weekend, I think I’ll be taking it easy. : )