#StyleMeOctober Day 28: Blazer a New Trail

Since this is sort of the theme in my life latey anyways…


#StyleMeOctober Day 22: So My City

I live in a college town of 150k, so you can probably imagine some of the interesting fashion I see on the streets of my city. Some good, some bad, some…essential. Like these Sorels. 
Last year I roamed the snow packed canvas of Fort Collins in Uggs, Hunters and embarrassingly, heels. None of those worked but eventually my native Colorado friends informed me about these babies. 
While I don’t own a pair quite yet, these are the ones I plan to order!

#StyleMeOctober Day 20: Hue On Hue

Admission: I skipped days 16-19. Not because I didn’t like the themes, but because life just sort of got in the way and I had an exhaustingly busy week. After a wonderful weekend with my husband and friends, including breakfast at a coffee shop, church and a chat w/my BF this morning, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle life. 
And I’m starting with my #StyleMeOctober Challenge. 
So here you have it…my best version of hue on hue w/denim.