Facebook & Friends

With all of my newly acquired free time I’m finally able to get some major to dos checked off my list. One that I have been meaning to do for years now is clean up my Facebook page. I’ve had a Facebook account since my freshman year of college in 2004 and naturally a lot has changed over the past ten years. The unflattering party pics (many with the dreaded fish face) have just got to go. 
While going through over 3000 photos (seriously), it’s been great to reminisce over all of the fun times we’ve had in the last decade. A lot of people have come in and out of our life since then, and it’s nice to remember the various experiences we’ve had with them. We’ve been blessed with some really great friends over the years, all in their own season. 
And that’s sort of the thing that I’ve figured out about friendship – it happens in seasons. 
I think most people were put in our lives to be both. 
There are very few people who will make it through multiple decades of our lives, so if we do have those people in our lives, we must treasure them. And for the rest, we can treasure the memories and good times we shared, no matter what sort of note our relationship ended on.  
Who knows, maybe a little (or large) Facebook cleanup will be in your future. And if it is, I bet you won’t be able to make it through without cracking a smile on your face. 

Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend was one of those that just went by too fast.

We spent Saturday morning stand up paddle boarding on Horsetooth lake, something that we had tried before in Hawaii. It was gorgeous, super peaceful and fun, but I must admit that I preferred SUP in the ocean. It’s much more of a challenge, you’re able to go at a seemingly faster pace and it is a LEGIT full body work out – OUCH! I was a little disappointed that only my upper back was sore on Sunday from SUPing on the lake.

Still, it was a wonderful morning. We even got Natty out on a board…until Cory tried to stand up and she jumped ship.

We’re on…

And we’re off…

Saturday afternoon met our friends, Rachel & George at their campsite for some grilling before we headed out on George’s boat. We hadn’t been out on the lake all summer and we really missed it! There is nothing quite like the breeze you feel when you’re on a boat out on the water.

Sunday we drove to the Highlands in Denver and met Griffin and his sister, Chelsea for a long, mimosa filled brunch at this awesome restaurant called Root Down. The food and drinks were yummy, the atmosphere had a certain buzz about it and the company could not be beat, of course.

Griffin and I met while working together as tellers at a credit union in 2006, and the rest is history. I was so happy he and his sis (a fellow Coloradoan) were able to squeeze in brunch with us while Griffin was in town.

Overall, a wonderful and full weekend…but next weekend, I think I’ll be taking it easy. : )

Punta Cana Vacay

We got back from our girls’ trip to the Dominican Republic late Sunday evening and it was truly JUST what I needed. More on that later. 
Almost nothing gives me more pleasure than visiting new-to-me destinations, and I was even more thrilled to be accompanying Alex on her first international trek. When we landed in Punta Cana after a 5.5 hour direct flight from Denver, a smile spread across my face upon seeing the palm trees and turquoise of the ocean. Eight days of tropical vacay awaited us!

Of course, they seemed to fly by. We spent the first three days immersing ourselves in the Dominican way of life: slow & relaxed, no worries and no schedule. We lounged around Erin’s adorable apartment, went to the local beach for lunch, reading and relaxation and enjoyed a sushi dinner.

We walked to breakfast at a Internet cafe by her house one morning and had a delicious pasta and vino dinner at an Italian restaurant near by another night.

We spent a day at the resort that Erin & her husband, Stefan got married at, complete with a Foam Party.

Then we checked into our resort for the remaining five days of our stay. The air-conditioning felt amazing, as did the hot showers & big, plush hotel beds. We blacked out our room with the curtains and slept in every morning.

Our days were spent alternating between the beach and pools, occasionally wandering over to the swim up bar to order a piña colada or dirty monkey. We floated in the ocean and lounged on the pool beds.

We spent one morning getting pampered at the spa.

I read three books. We basically did a whole lot of nothing. Ahhh…it was relaxing. 

We did spent one afternoon snorkeling, a first for Alex & I (you know I’m addicted to firsts), which was really fun. It felt a little challenging at first, but once I got the breathing down, it was peaceful to just float w/my face in the water, kick my flippers and watch all of the pretty fish.

Overall, it was a really great trip and I’m happy to have the Dominican Republic checked off of my “Places to Travel” list!

Friday Favs

Happy Friday! 
Here are a few of my favorite things this week:
My best friend is moving to Kansas City today! I envision many visits. 
Patterned shorts. Say no more.
Easy and different summer hairstyles.
Maxi Skirts. I’m going to need one or two for…
Truthfully, this is about all I can think about at this point. T-Minus nine days before Alex & I join Erin there!

Red Rocks

While I’m a fan of The Postal Service, and they put on a great show this week, the reason this post isn’t titled “The Postal Service” is because Red Rocks came to play and Red Rocks won. No matter what the concert, I challenge you to find a better venue.

My first experience with Red Rocks was back in 2007. Cory took me to a Killer’s concert there and I fell in love. Since then, I have been telling everyone I know that they must see a concert there. “Put it on your bucket list,” I urge.

Last night did not disappoint. The one thing I remember about my experience there in 2007 was how ill prepared we were. Walking through the parking lot we passed loads of people tailgating and with no food or alcohol on us, we totally missed out. This time we came prepared.

As we left Fort Collins to head down to the concert on Thursday (about an hour & 15 minute drive), I felt very happy & peaceful. I had my whole family with me (pups too), we were meeting up with our friends, there was beer & sushi packed in our cooler, the sun was shining – life was good.

Tailgating was awesome – even though Winston decided to make a sprint for the hills at one point. Ha. The walk to the venue wasn’t as long as I remembered, but the stairs up to the stadium were MUCH steeper (or could it be that it was different climbing them with a 21 year old body?). The crowd was a good one, beer & cocktails were flowing and the opening act, the Ra Ra Rights were awesome.

We couldn’t have asked for a better night. 

MWF seeking BFF

I’ve had several people take interest in my most recent read, so I thought I should provide a little clarity about it & maybe even a little review. 
MWF seeking BFF is a book that I had my eye on since it has been out. I came across it shortly after our wedding in 2010, by seeing its praise in SELF & from authors of interest (to me), like Gretchen Rubin.
During this time I was new to the MWF category & actually seeking a BFF. My friends were shifting from the group of people who I had been hanging out with since high school (and a few from college) to individual friends that I had more aligned interests with. Some relationships from my past were deepening (and thus, my best friend emerged) and some were fading way. 
So it was really no surprise that this book was very appealing to me, though I never got around to taking the plunge of reading it until my book club decided on it. While it didn’t get rave reviews from that group, I still decided to give it a try. 
The story is about a newlywed whose moved from Manhattan to Chicago & while she has two best friends & plenty of other satisfying friendships in her life, she is looking for friends in her new-ish town. With my recent move to Fort Collins, it seemed totally fitting.
So while this is not really a “self-help” book on how to find friends in a new town, it does provide many ideas for meeting new people, if that is not something that comes naturally to you. The author tries many things (both successfully & unsuccessfully), including:
Asking out-of-town friends to set her up with their in-town-friends
Rekindling any connections that she never followed through on: college acquaintances that live in Chicago to a nice girl she connected with in a cooking class awhile ago
Taking out a want ad (yes, really)
Signing up for special interest groups (cooking class, religious gatherings, etc.)
Sparking conversations with strangers
Joining friend meeting groups, like meetup.com
I will admit, I’ve never had trouble meeting new people & converting them into new friends. It just comes naturally to me. But this book did make me view friendships differently & reminded me that aligned interests can influence a surface level conversation with an acquantance to go much deeper.
As a MWF new to her city, I’ve found this book interesting & mildly entertaining. The author throws in some interesting stats about friendships and has a great overview about all aspects of friendships, in general. I definitely took more away from this book about the value, life-cycle & different types of friendships than I originally thought I would. 
I would love to know your thoughts on this book if you’ve read it too!

Urban, Edgy Spring

There are so many things that I admire about my best friend: her focus & determination, the inner coolness that she exudes & her sense of adventure, just to name a few. We are alike in many ways, but our sense of style is one of our differences. 
She is “edgy” & “urban” to my “girly” & “preppy”. Basically, she is a bad ass. So this is a little spring ensemble that I’ve thrown together in honor of her. 

Urban, Edgy Spring

Print top / rag & bone/JEAN denim waistcoat / Ted Baker / Paul & Joe long skirt / Gathering Eye spike necklace, $21 / Kate Spade kates spade / Samsoe & Samsoe slimming belt, $70 / H&M h m, $9.31