Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend was one of those that just went by too fast.

We spent Saturday morning stand up paddle boarding on Horsetooth lake, something that we had tried before in Hawaii. It was gorgeous, super peaceful and fun, but I must admit that I preferred SUP in the ocean. It’s much more of a challenge, you’re able to go at a seemingly faster pace and it is a LEGIT full body work out – OUCH! I was a little disappointed that only my upper back was sore on Sunday from SUPing on the lake.

Still, it was a wonderful morning. We even got Natty out on a board…until Cory tried to stand up and she jumped ship.

We’re on…

And we’re off…

Saturday afternoon met our friends, Rachel & George at their campsite for some grilling before we headed out on George’s boat. We hadn’t been out on the lake all summer and we really missed it! There is nothing quite like the breeze you feel when you’re on a boat out on the water.

Sunday we drove to the Highlands in Denver and met Griffin and his sister, Chelsea for a long, mimosa filled brunch at this awesome restaurant called Root Down. The food and drinks were yummy, the atmosphere had a certain buzz about it and the company could not be beat, of course.

Griffin and I met while working together as tellers at a credit union in 2006, and the rest is history. I was so happy he and his sis (a fellow Coloradoan) were able to squeeze in brunch with us while Griffin was in town.

Overall, a wonderful and full weekend…but next weekend, I think I’ll be taking it easy. : )


Red Rocks

While I’m a fan of The Postal Service, and they put on a great show this week, the reason this post isn’t titled “The Postal Service” is because Red Rocks came to play and Red Rocks won. No matter what the concert, I challenge you to find a better venue.

My first experience with Red Rocks was back in 2007. Cory took me to a Killer’s concert there and I fell in love. Since then, I have been telling everyone I know that they must see a concert there. “Put it on your bucket list,” I urge.

Last night did not disappoint. The one thing I remember about my experience there in 2007 was how ill prepared we were. Walking through the parking lot we passed loads of people tailgating and with no food or alcohol on us, we totally missed out. This time we came prepared.

As we left Fort Collins to head down to the concert on Thursday (about an hour & 15 minute drive), I felt very happy & peaceful. I had my whole family with me (pups too), we were meeting up with our friends, there was beer & sushi packed in our cooler, the sun was shining – life was good.

Tailgating was awesome – even though Winston decided to make a sprint for the hills at one point. Ha. The walk to the venue wasn’t as long as I remembered, but the stairs up to the stadium were MUCH steeper (or could it be that it was different climbing them with a 21 year old body?). The crowd was a good one, beer & cocktails were flowing and the opening act, the Ra Ra Rights were awesome.

We couldn’t have asked for a better night.