Facebook & Friends

With all of my newly acquired free time I’m finally able to get some major to dos checked off my list. One that I have been meaning to do for years now is clean up my Facebook page. I’ve had a Facebook account since my freshman year of college in 2004 and naturally a lot has changed over the past ten years. The unflattering party pics (many with the dreaded fish face) have just got to go. 
While going through over 3000 photos (seriously), it’s been great to reminisce over all of the fun times we’ve had in the last decade. A lot of people have come in and out of our life since then, and it’s nice to remember the various experiences we’ve had with them. We’ve been blessed with some really great friends over the years, all in their own season. 
And that’s sort of the thing that I’ve figured out about friendship – it happens in seasons. 
I think most people were put in our lives to be both. 
There are very few people who will make it through multiple decades of our lives, so if we do have those people in our lives, we must treasure them. And for the rest, we can treasure the memories and good times we shared, no matter what sort of note our relationship ended on.  
Who knows, maybe a little (or large) Facebook cleanup will be in your future. And if it is, I bet you won’t be able to make it through without cracking a smile on your face. 

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