30 By 30

The other night I was reading in bed, as I often do, and I came across a book review-type article in Shape (or was it SELF?). The book is called The FabYOUList, which sounded pretty cheesy to me, but when I read a little farther into the review I had to admit that I loved the concept. Basically, a married mother of three realized on her 36th birthday that she was much closer to 40 than 30 and that she had not accomplished many of the things she wanted to with her life.

So she set out making a list of things that she wanted to accomplish and ended up with exactly 40 items. Some were big (write a book) and others were small (take an adult ballet class).

This got me thinking about all of the things that I have envisioned for my life when I realized: I have 30 months (including this one) before I turn 30. And so my list began.

Some of the items on this list are really meaningful, others are just things that will make my life easier (one at-home-mani a week saves $780 a year, not to mention hours of time). Some can be accomplished in a month or less, some will take years. I made this list the night I first read the magazine article, jotting down whatever came to my mind and since then I’ve revised and refined it to make it perfectly authentic to me.

1. Write a book.
2. Own a home – again, and this time, make it one that we really feel a connection to.
3. Learn how to surf.
4. Be a better listener.
 5. Holidays – Find meaningful ways (to us) to celebrate.
6. Develop a healthy diet & exercise lifestyle. (Yep, still giving this one a go.)
7. Try my hand at styling, starting with friends.
8. Learn photography basics.
9. Then learn photoshop basics.
10. Master my mani.
11. Become a better cook, including overcoming my fear of chicken.
12. Develop a clear sense of home decor style & begin creating a home environment that I’m absolutely in love with. Every detail.
13. Practice yoga regularly.
14. Learn about wine & cheese pairing.
15. Blog – Find my niche, even if that niche is just writing to update my friends & family.
16. Be a better dog owner.
17. Pay more attention to men’s fashion, for Cory’s sake.
18. Think of ways to be a cool aunt.
19. Deepen my knowledge and appreciation for craft beer. (Yes, this is a real goal people.)
 20. Complete a mini-triathalon.
21. Have my writing published in a magazine.
22. Be okay with less.
23. Be on a career path that I love and can see a future in.
24. Find more ways to connect with family.
25. Follow a budget. For reals.
26. Become a better snowboarder.
27. Smile & look strangers in the eye.
28. Create more traditions.
29. Pay down our debt (student loans I’ve got my eye on you).
30. Finish what I start, or don’t start it.

If you feel compelled, I hope you make a list of sorts, no matter what age you are approaching. And if not, I hope you’ll follow my pursuit!


2 thoughts on “30 By 30

  1. Some great goals! I have my own list, although it has changed some over the years (and being flexible enough to allow for change is one of those goals!). Thirty is difficult for many of us, and I just celebrated 45. As a side note: the most important part of making a list like this, is to allow it to challenge you but not to stress you out if you can't get it all accomplished within your self-imposed time frame. Good luck!

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