#StyleMeOctober Day 1: My Style Icon

One thing that I’ve been struggling with this year is figuring out how to incorporate my style into this blog. I’m obsessed with several style blogs, including Damsel in Dior, Kendi Everyday and Sequins and Stripes. I follow all of these stylish ladies on Bloglovin, looking forward to their updates every day. And after I’m done reading their posts I think about how I never seem to manage to get my style across half as well as these gorgeous girls. 
So what better way to work on this than to start a challenge. And my challenge of choice is this: #StyleMeOctober. Bow Ties and Bettys is another great style blog (there are just oh-so-many inspirational women out there) from which this challenge comes from, and it looks like this:
The main platform for this challenge will be Instagram, but in order to keep with one of my yearly goals, I will be posting daily on my blog as well. 
My hope is that the end of this month, I will have found it easier to express my style online. 
And now, for Day #1 – My Style Icon

I wouldn’t say that I have just one style icon, but like I mentioned earlier in this post, I follow all of my favorite bloggers daily and the one who provides the most inspiration for me right now is probably Jacey Duprie. Her style is fancy, laid back, smart and just so cool. She is ALWAYS, ALWAYS looking good.

2 thoughts on “#StyleMeOctober Day 1: My Style Icon

  1. This looks like a fun challenge. I think you have a very distinct style, but I know sometimes it's difficult to describe things about ourselves through blogging. Good luck on your blogging goals:)

  2. I've always envied your style/wardrobe, so I know this is the perfect challenge for you! You make style look so easy!

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