Weekend Wrap Up

It was a really good weekend. 
Friday was rainy and dreary, so I skipped out of work around 1:30 and came home to an impromptu snuggle sessions with my pups on the couch. Yes, even Natty (shh…don’t tell Cory). We watched this week’s season premiere episode of Nashville, caught up on some magazine reading and just relaxed.

Around 4 I hopped across the street to my new favorite happy hour spot, Domenic’s, to meet Rachel. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile, mostly due to our conflicting travel schedules, so it was SO GOOD to catch up. Rachel was my very first Fort Collins friend and I just adore her. : )
Saturday Cory and I hiked to the top of Horsetooth Rock. It was probably the toughest hike I’ve done so far (not that I’ve done many at all) and was so cool at the top.

Later that afternoon we found ourselves at what is now one of my favorite new (to me) bars in Old Town called The Forge.

The only take cash and they only sell beer – lots of really, really good beer. I tried a pear cider & a pumpkin lager.

Cory tried this delicious beer:

On Sunday Cory went to work for a couple of hours and I took advantage of having the place to myself by staying in my PJs until past noon. Ahhh…it was awesome. We went to our friends, Stefan and Erin’s house to watch the Broncos dominate & then it was home for me to plaster my butt to the couch and watch all of my abc show’s season premieres. Have I mentioned the I LOVE fall television? : )

I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend too. Now back to the grind of Monday!



Cory and I ended our summer travel with a trip to Washington over Labor Day weekend. This was the first time I had been to the northwest and I really fell in love with it. I mean, it was JUST like Twilight…what’s not to love?
We spent three days crabbing with our family in Sequim, a truly picturesque ocean town. In between crabbing we found some time for other things, like reading, wine tasting and…okay, I’ll be honest. 90% of our time was spent sitting around and eating crab. 

It was an AWESOME vacation that encompassed everything I think a good vacation should: relaxation, new experiences and plenty of quality time with people I love. 
We then spent Labor Day in Seattle, which was cool, but way more 90’s grunge than I expected.

If we’re friends on Facebook, watch for my WA Album – coming this weekend!

A weekend with Grandma

My Grandma Terrie and I have always had a special bond. We just seem to connect and “get” each other. This past weekend she came to visit us in Fort Collins and we had such a good time.

We took her to The Crown Pub for dinner on Thursday night and went out for breakfast and shopping on Friday morning. Later that day we had delicious salads on the patio at Austin’s before going for mani pedis at She She, ending the night with homemade pasta & going to see the movie, The Family.

On Saturday we breakfasted at Snooze and drove up to Red Feather. We sampled beer at Fortober Fest and shopped for the grandkids. That evening we tasted cheese at The Welsh Rabbit and grabbed tapas at Jay’s Bistro.

More than all of the fun things we did though, it was so nice to spend quality time with someone we love so much.

Sometimes I feel a little lost in the world. Like, who am I? What am I doing here? Does any of it really matter? And then I get to spend a weekend re-connecting with my grandma and am reminded where and who I come from. I tend to make life way more complicated than it needs to be and I realize that some things are just really simple.

I have love and I am loved. And there’s nothing more important than that.

So thanks, Grandma, for reminding me of this simple truth this weekend. Love you!

Life Begins Again in the Fall

I recently heard this saying and believe that it is oh-so-true. Fall has always been my favorite season and I’m so excited that this Sunday marks the first official day of it. I plan on marking the occasion with a good deep of our place, pumpkin candles ablaze, of course.

There’s just something about a new season that brings new hope and determination. This fall I plan to refocus myself to the goals I’ve made for 2013. That and enjoy all of my favorite fall indulgences:

Fall Fashion: boots, fur vests & layers
Hot Drinks
Pumpkin Patch
 Halloween and Thanksgiving
And much, much more…

But back to the goals. The last full season of the year is the perfect time to finish what I’ve started. I hope you’ll join me in ending the year strong.

Have a fabulous half summer, half fall weekend!

Current Read

Since we don’t have any international trips on the books right now, I’m keeping my love for travel alive by diving into this beauty. New to paperback this summer, Beautiful Ruins caught my eye as soon as it hit the shelves. I had seen a magazine feature or two on it and knew it would be just what I needed to kick my last trip of the year blues. 
Tell me, what are you reading right now?

Fall Fashion Cravings

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dreaming of my fall wardrobe for quite some time now. Here are the top five things I’m craving:
1. Transition Looks
There’s only so many days in the year when you can get away w/a little summer & a little fall. Love this look.
2. Sexing up jeans & a sweater with cuffs, heels and a little attitude.
3. A good leather jacket. Enough said.
4. Layers, layers, layers and booties.
Gingham + a nice, thick scarf + fur vest + cuffed jeans + booties = Fall Perfection
5. Leather panel leggings, the perfect compromise.
Tell me, what are you dreaming of this season?


How can four weeks just fly by, but also feel like a lifetime? Although I mentioned my self-imposed blogging break on A Life with Luster’s Facebook Page, and although I needed it, I still feel panicky about being gone for so long. So much has transpired….

First of all, we made our third trip of the year back to Kansas. It was really wonderful to see so many of our loved ones. It was also a bit hectic, trying to stuff everything into 2.5 days.

It was so hectic, in fact, that I got sick. : ( But on the positive side, right around the same time I learned that The Social Avenue had secured it’s first client contract! : )

Fast forward four days and Cory & I are in Washington for Labor Day Weekend. I totally fell in love with the lush, green coast. It was hard not to when we woke up to this view each morning. I would take my coffee outside and read – the weather was perfect (mid-60’s to 70’s) and the air was fresh with that salt water smell. Ahhh…more on that later.

In between all of that, I’ve been to Pure Barre about 12 times, finally caught up on laundry & got our place back in shape, spent some quality time with our friends and our pups, got into a groove at work and with managing my first client. Now I’m looking forward to life slowing down for the remainder of the year.

For once, we have no out of state travel plans on the horizon (minus a trip home to Kansas for Thanksgiving). We are, however, expecting not one, but TWO guests this fall and potentially moving places. Other than that, it looks to be a quiet little fall for us.

Have a great week!