The Poudre

A couple of weeks ago we drove up and explored The Poudre for the first time. What we discovered on this cloudy little Sunday, did not disappoint. Here is my amateur attempt at capturing it in photos:
The drive up the canyon.
I was able to catch this little explorer in action.
Mountain cabin.
My love.
Tubers – A to do on next summer’s list!
One SA-WEET, little camper.
Imagine waking up to this.
Our road trippers.
After spending several hours walking & driving around – there was just so much to explore – we even found a great little bar with an outdoor music venue that we hope to be able to check out soon.
Anyone up for a camping trip?

Motivation Monday

One of the biggest goals in my life is to be true to myself: figuring out who I am, what being true to that means and then being authentic myself, no matter what, in every situation.
Join me, won’t you?

Choosing Positivity

Over the past, I don’t know, five years or so I’ve really put work into trying to be a more positive person. You see, I tend to get real negative, real quick if I don’t watch myself. 
*Side Note: I believe this is mostly due to the male role models I had growing up, which is why I believe it is SO IMPORTANT to practice and preach positivity around and to children. End Side Note*
Knowing that is my natural tendency, I try to remind myself to find the positive in each situation and person I encounter. I’m always searching for “the lesson” behind the things that happen in my life.
Even though I’ve made a habit of this, some days it just comes easier than others. For instance, Fridays. Those are usually the days where it is easy to live life light-hearted and laugh off issues. Tuesdays, for example, not so much. On days that are a little harder, I allow myself to be easily offended and absorbed by my massive problems (you know, the ones that by Friday are no more than a little pebble on the beach of life).
So what would happen if I constantly CHOSE to be positive. 
Work issue? A lesson for the future!  
Rude comment from a family member? Haha – that sounds like your problem, not mine!
Running late for cycle? Making a grand entrance!
Yes, these are little things, but when we take them to a negative place we tend to blow them up and then they may even consume our whole day. So why not chose to make life a little easier on ourselves and attempt to stay positive, at all costs?
PS – I’m writing this on a Friday, so check in with me to see how it’s going on Tuesday. : )
Happy Weekend!

Mom’s Last Surgery

This morning my mom is going in for her final surgery. For those of you who don’t know, she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, at the age of 45 and has spent this year undergoing a series of doctor’s appointments and surgeries.
We are so thankful for the way everything has turned out, and pray that this cancer business is behind us. It was a reminder that life is too short so we must not waste a moment and that some things are just out of our hands so all we can do is pray.
Love you, Mom and I’ll see you in a week!

Weekend Wrap Up

Last weekend was one of those that just went by too fast.

We spent Saturday morning stand up paddle boarding on Horsetooth lake, something that we had tried before in Hawaii. It was gorgeous, super peaceful and fun, but I must admit that I preferred SUP in the ocean. It’s much more of a challenge, you’re able to go at a seemingly faster pace and it is a LEGIT full body work out – OUCH! I was a little disappointed that only my upper back was sore on Sunday from SUPing on the lake.

Still, it was a wonderful morning. We even got Natty out on a board…until Cory tried to stand up and she jumped ship.

We’re on…

And we’re off…

Saturday afternoon met our friends, Rachel & George at their campsite for some grilling before we headed out on George’s boat. We hadn’t been out on the lake all summer and we really missed it! There is nothing quite like the breeze you feel when you’re on a boat out on the water.

Sunday we drove to the Highlands in Denver and met Griffin and his sister, Chelsea for a long, mimosa filled brunch at this awesome restaurant called Root Down. The food and drinks were yummy, the atmosphere had a certain buzz about it and the company could not be beat, of course.

Griffin and I met while working together as tellers at a credit union in 2006, and the rest is history. I was so happy he and his sis (a fellow Coloradoan) were able to squeeze in brunch with us while Griffin was in town.

Overall, a wonderful and full weekend…but next weekend, I think I’ll be taking it easy. : )

End of Summer

If you would have told me four months ago that I would be saying this I would have called you crazy, but I’m really looking forward to fall. It’s always been one of my favorite seasons as a Kansas girl, but as a Coloradoan I had been looking forward to the warmth of summer since right around January 1st. So it’s just a little crazy to me that I’m ready for the end of the season. 
Don’t get me wrong, summer in Colorado has been wonderful, and I want to make sure I soak up every last drop of it before I regret lusting for the changing of the leaves. We’ve had such a fun season so far, filled with: bike rides, pool time, BBQs, patios, travel, visitors, breweries, and so much more. But, true to my nature, I’ve conjured up a list of all of the rest of the things that I want to get in before Labor Day. 
End of Summer To Do List:
Stand Up Paddle Board at Horsetooth
Go Camping
Drive In Movie Theater
Read under the shade of a tree at the CSU garden
Go on more picnics
Walk or Bike to CB Pott’s, less than a mile from our place
Boat Horsetooth
What is left on YOUR list for this summer? Carpe Diem!