Being in the Moment

Sometimes it breaks my heart to think about all of the moments in life that I have let slip through my fingers. All of those precious, special moments that I could have been taking in, living and enjoying with the people that I love. The moments when I could have chosen to see the positive and ignore whatever drama of the moment that life had placed upon me. 
But of course, there is nothing I can do about those lost moments. Instead I can only make a promise to myself that I will try my hardest to live in each moment for the rest of my life. Which is what I’ve done, time & time again.

Living in the moment is so peaceful and so fulfilling, but it is rarely easy. What’s easier (at least for me) is to let my mind get carried away. But it’s always worth it to recommit myself to the promise of living in the moment, because that’s really the only place we have any business being. 

And everywhere I turn lately, I’m getting the same message: Stop working and reworking all of the plans you have for the future in your head. Be present in the moment and don’t miss the things that are happening right now. The moments in front of you are provide all of the things that you need to get you to the future you.

Now, I don’t propose to throw the planning out of the window, but do we really need to plan every detail of our path? I mean, can we? Let’s face it, life happens when we are making plans. Life sometimes takes us places we never imagined we would go…if only we will let it.


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