The Next Chapter

For my career, that is. Like I mentioned in a post last week, spending a week at the beach this month was just what I needed. 
I had time to relax. Time to do nothing more than listen to the ocean waves crash on the shore. Time to soak it all in. Time to think.
Spending a week this way helped me realize that life is too short to spend one moment unhappy. Sometimes things change and when they do you have two choices: go with the change or make a change yourself. And when you decide to take a risk and make a change, it’s all about making the decision that feels right to you when you’re following your heart and intuition. 

On that note, this past week was my last with the company I have been working for over the past three years. I plan to continue pursuing my little dream called The Social Avenue and will be starting with a new company later this month as their Marketing Manager. 
The new gig involves more responsibility that I’ve had on my shoulders alone before. It’s exciting. And scary. I will be working for a smaller company than I was with previously, which I think will be refreshing, but also puts more pressure on me, and me alone, to achieve results. I like it. I’m always up for a good challenge.  

I feel really good about this change. With new jobs for both of us, Cory and I feel like we are really finding our place in Colorado. And we love it.

I hope you’ll continue to follow me in my new and renewed ventures. Have a great Monday!


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