Being in the Moment

Sometimes it breaks my heart to think about all of the moments in life that I have let slip through my fingers. All of those precious, special moments that I could have been taking in, living and enjoying with the people that I love. The moments when I could have chosen to see the positive and ignore whatever drama of the moment that life had placed upon me. 
But of course, there is nothing I can do about those lost moments. Instead I can only make a promise to myself that I will try my hardest to live in each moment for the rest of my life. Which is what I’ve done, time & time again.

Living in the moment is so peaceful and so fulfilling, but it is rarely easy. What’s easier (at least for me) is to let my mind get carried away. But it’s always worth it to recommit myself to the promise of living in the moment, because that’s really the only place we have any business being. 

And everywhere I turn lately, I’m getting the same message: Stop working and reworking all of the plans you have for the future in your head. Be present in the moment and don’t miss the things that are happening right now. The moments in front of you are provide all of the things that you need to get you to the future you.

Now, I don’t propose to throw the planning out of the window, but do we really need to plan every detail of our path? I mean, can we? Let’s face it, life happens when we are making plans. Life sometimes takes us places we never imagined we would go…if only we will let it.


Motivation Monday

Today I start a new chapter in my career, so naturally I’m feeling ultra motivated. I’ve looked back on the lessons and skills that I’ve learned so far, as well as the habits I’ve created and the mistakes I’ve made, and plan to use all of those things to make me a better me going forward. 
It’s always wonderful to get a fresh start, whether it’s a big one, like a job change, or one you mentally create yourself, and I plan to use mine to the fullest. I hope you find some motivation on this Monday to do the same!

Friday Favs

Happy Friday Everyone! Here are my favorite five things this week:
1. Yoga
I went back to hot yoga this week for the first time since we moved to CO, and I had completely forgotten how wonderful it makes my body feel. 
2. Being able to spend time with my dad & Terrie when they visited Fort Collins this week. 
3. This Quote. 
Too often we focus on the negatives in life: what we are lacking, our flaws, the mean things people have said. This week I’ve made it a point to let those things go & focus on the positive side: all of the good qualities in myself & others, the way things are going right and appreciating what I have, knowing that I could have it much worse. This has made all the difference!
4. Finding my “hair home” in Fort Collins! 
Third times a charm, apparently, as this was the third stylist I’ve tried before finding a good fit. My friend, Erin, has been going to Europa, an Aveda salon & I finally gave it a try. Needless to say, I am very pleased!
5. Running
That’s right, next week we are back at it again, beginning to prep for our second half marathon in October. I learned my lesson about overtraining last time, and decided to go with a super simple 12 week training program that I stumbled upon in SELF magazine this summer. Bonus – it’s the same one Ellie Goulding used this year & she rocks!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Last night we celebrated our third anniversary with a progressive dinner in Old Town. It was wonderful. And I’m going to hot yoga today, maybe twice, to pay for how wonderful it was. 
I sometimes hesitate to label us “foodies” because I feel like you need some culinary expertise to rightfully call yourself this. But who am I kidding, enjoying food from all different sources (homemade, restaurant, international, farmer’s market, etc.) is one of the main pleasures in our life. So there you go, we’re foodies.  
I mention this because I’m noticing that most of our celebrations are food-centric. And this one was no different.
Stop One: Wine & Cheese at the Welsh Rabbit

This is one of our favorite Fort Collins digs, by far.

Stop Two: Dinner at Canino’s

I’ve wanted to try this little Italian place out since we very first moved; it reminds me a lot of Savute’s in Wichita. It did not disappoint. Great atmosphere, vintage Italian decor, good wine and the pizza we ordered was delish! 
Stop Three: Dessert at The Chocolate Cafe
We couldn’t have asked for a better culinary ending to the night. This chocolate peanut butter pie was LEGIT.

Here’s to year four & making it the best that it can be!

Anni #3

It has been three good years. A big smile still spreads across on my face when I think about my sweet husband.

How did I get so lucky?

When I look back on the past three years, one word sticks out in my mind: FUN. We have had so much fun together.

In fact, when I started to list all of the adventures we’ve had in our first three years of marraige, I couldn’t keep up. These past 1056 days have been so full of love and laughter and risks and travel and new experiences and lows that make the highs worthwhile and plans and new plans and even newer plans, that there is just no way to keep track of it all, so I will just say this:

There is no other person in the world that I would rather be spending these little and big moments of my life with. There is no one that I laugh harder with. There is no one I would rather talk to at the end of the day.

To put it simply, I love our love. And our love, is a fun love.

Ride Yo Bike

For us, this is the year of the bicycle. Thanks to Fort Collins being such a bike friendly town, and also to our proximity of so many cool places, we’ve been biking up a storm. 
(This past weekend’s bike ride to Old Town.)
There are trails we take leisurely rides on, ice cream shops we frequent, we even ride our bikes to pick up our Redbox movies. We’ve ridden our bikes to Old Town a couple of times, once to the CO Brewer’s Fest, so that we can down a few drinks & apps and then bike home to burn off some of the calories we’ve consumed.

(CO Brewer’s Fest)

This weekend we plan to ride to a Farmer’s Market close to our house. 
Basically, we can ride our bikes almost anywhere, which I think is SO COOL! We’re really enjoying taking advantage of our rides during the good weather. 
No matter where you live, I hope you’ll hop on your bike & join us on your bike this summer. It will make you feel like a kid again!

The Next Chapter

For my career, that is. Like I mentioned in a post last week, spending a week at the beach this month was just what I needed. 
I had time to relax. Time to do nothing more than listen to the ocean waves crash on the shore. Time to soak it all in. Time to think.
Spending a week this way helped me realize that life is too short to spend one moment unhappy. Sometimes things change and when they do you have two choices: go with the change or make a change yourself. And when you decide to take a risk and make a change, it’s all about making the decision that feels right to you when you’re following your heart and intuition. 

On that note, this past week was my last with the company I have been working for over the past three years. I plan to continue pursuing my little dream called The Social Avenue and will be starting with a new company later this month as their Marketing Manager. 
The new gig involves more responsibility that I’ve had on my shoulders alone before. It’s exciting. And scary. I will be working for a smaller company than I was with previously, which I think will be refreshing, but also puts more pressure on me, and me alone, to achieve results. I like it. I’m always up for a good challenge.  

I feel really good about this change. With new jobs for both of us, Cory and I feel like we are really finding our place in Colorado. And we love it.

I hope you’ll continue to follow me in my new and renewed ventures. Have a great Monday!