Last Monday Cory & I woke up at the glorious hour of 3 a.m. to hop on a flight to Sarasota to spend a day with his momma. I hadn’t been to Florida since my senior year of high school (almost 10 years ago – wow) and the first thing I noticed when stepping off of the plane was the humidity! How quickly we forgot about that unfortunate weather condition since we’ve been living in Colorado. 
Other than that, the parts of  Sarasota that we saw were beautiful. We went to a little organic cafe for lunch, which was delish, and then spent the rest of our time around the keys (not the Florida Keys though).
Some time spent walking the beach was just what the doctor ordered.

We had dinner on the patio of this picture perfect little beach shack.

The next morning we had breakfast on a patio & then took an early trip to a different key, Siesta Key, which is one of the most popular. It wasn’t hard to see why – the town was picturesque and the beach was beautiful.

Geographically, Sarasota was by far my favorite part of Florida. I really loved the low-key, beach town vibe of the keys and look forward to visiting again in the future!

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