The Art of Mass Packing

Today we’re heading out to spend five days visiting family in Florida. Our first stop will be Sarasota (flying into Tampa) to visit Cory’s mom. Then it’s off to Ft. Lauderdale to celebrate my cousin, McKenzie’s high school graduation. On Wednesday we’ll be scooting over to Hollywood, FL to celebrate my other cousin, Desi’s 21st birthday, with a cabana at the Hard Rock. Our final Florida destination will be Orlando, where we’ll spend a couple days on the Disney Resorts. 
Since that wasn’t enough, I’ll be flying back to DIA on Saturday & turning right around to hop on a place to Las Vegas for a work conference. So the question was…how does one pack for 11 days away from home, six different flights, five different cities & various activities?
Here is my take:
(Chihuahua not included.)

Ready for some beach/pool time!

Luckily, my FL flight lands at 2 p.m., but my Vegas flight doesn’t leave until early evening, so I’m able to switch bags mid-trip.
Prayers for safe travels appreciated!

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