MWF seeking BFF

I’ve had several people take interest in my most recent read, so I thought I should provide a little clarity about it & maybe even a little review. 
MWF seeking BFF is a book that I had my eye on since it has been out. I came across it shortly after our wedding in 2010, by seeing its praise in SELF & from authors of interest (to me), like Gretchen Rubin.
During this time I was new to the MWF category & actually seeking a BFF. My friends were shifting from the group of people who I had been hanging out with since high school (and a few from college) to individual friends that I had more aligned interests with. Some relationships from my past were deepening (and thus, my best friend emerged) and some were fading way. 
So it was really no surprise that this book was very appealing to me, though I never got around to taking the plunge of reading it until my book club decided on it. While it didn’t get rave reviews from that group, I still decided to give it a try. 
The story is about a newlywed whose moved from Manhattan to Chicago & while she has two best friends & plenty of other satisfying friendships in her life, she is looking for friends in her new-ish town. With my recent move to Fort Collins, it seemed totally fitting.
So while this is not really a “self-help” book on how to find friends in a new town, it does provide many ideas for meeting new people, if that is not something that comes naturally to you. The author tries many things (both successfully & unsuccessfully), including:
Asking out-of-town friends to set her up with their in-town-friends
Rekindling any connections that she never followed through on: college acquaintances that live in Chicago to a nice girl she connected with in a cooking class awhile ago
Taking out a want ad (yes, really)
Signing up for special interest groups (cooking class, religious gatherings, etc.)
Sparking conversations with strangers
Joining friend meeting groups, like
I will admit, I’ve never had trouble meeting new people & converting them into new friends. It just comes naturally to me. But this book did make me view friendships differently & reminded me that aligned interests can influence a surface level conversation with an acquantance to go much deeper.
As a MWF new to her city, I’ve found this book interesting & mildly entertaining. The author throws in some interesting stats about friendships and has a great overview about all aspects of friendships, in general. I definitely took more away from this book about the value, life-cycle & different types of friendships than I originally thought I would. 
I would love to know your thoughts on this book if you’ve read it too!

2 thoughts on “MWF seeking BFF

  1. I will put this on my to-read list! After moving to the Bay area, I joined a 25-35 ladies group on something you might want to check out! I've met an awesome group of girls through this-we've done a color run, book club, happy hour, jumping on giant trampolines, painting class…you name it! Good luck on your new adventure!

  2. Fun! I have heard about meet from a couple of friends here who have checked it out too. I signed up when we first moved to Fort Collins, but haven't attended any events yet. I will let you know how it goes when I do!

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