Instagram Roundup

My weekend, as told by Instagram:
There is no other way to say this: Friday sucked. By the time 5:15 rolled around, my hips & legs were literally sore from sitting in one chair all day with only a few very brief breaks (to go to the bathroom, make a PB&J & let me dogs out – that’s it). I really needed some fresh air & open space – turns out discovering this Fort Collins treasure was just what the doctor ordered.
This little hike started my weekend off on the right foot. 
Saturday I woke up & went to barre, which is by far my favorite strength work out ever, & then managed to squeeze in a little bike ride with Cory before he went to work.
 While Cory was working, I snuck over to the pool at our gym, which is right across the street from our apartment complex, and got a little reading in.
Later I met up with Lacey, a friend from home. We tend to only see each other in brief, random spurts, but it was great to catch up with her. 
Then Cory & I met our friend, Rachel out for some drinks at a place we had never been before: Ace Gillet’s. LOVED IT. It’s a fancy little jazz club hidden underneath a boutique hotel on College called The Armstrong Hotel. Their Ruby SOHO martini is to die for, but Cory decides to get this:
What are you gonna do?
Sunday I met another Wichita friend, Jessica & her friend for brunch at Lucille’s. It’s a little cajun place that always has a 45 minute wait. And people actually wait because it’s that good. 
We dined on a chai lattes, beignets, biscuits w/sausage gravy & finally eggs sardou. YUM.
Overall, it was a very nice weekend. After a rough week, it was good to take my mind off of work & remember the important things in life: family, friends, love and faith in God’s plan for each of our lives. And with these kind of views in our everyday surroundings it’s easy to realize that not much else really matters.

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