Fort Collins – Four Months In

As of tomorrow, it has been four months to the day since we moved and I have an apology to make, Fort Collins. I have been a bit grumpy. Apparently I am the only person that didn’t take this whole “seven months of winter” thing seriously. Either that or I thought I could hack it.
And the verdict is still out. Can I endure seven months of winter for five glorious months of a spring/summer/fall combo? Only time will tell. But from here on, I pledge to get over it – as best I can. That means no more complaining when I feel a tad bit too chilly.
Also, I understand that it is not just the weather here, but pretty much everywhere that has been a little cold for an unseasonably long time, so that makes it a bit easier, knowing that the majority of the country is going through the same sort of thing. 
It’s just that I, like most others, am ready to enjoy all of the things that spring brings. And I’ve never quite felt the urge to be outdoors like I do here. There is so many spring time things that I want to begin doing: Hiking, biking, running outside, picnics, all sorts of patio drinking, OPEN TOED SHOES, to name a few.

Until I am enjoying those above mentioned activities, here are some photos from the last couple of months in Fort Collins.

Our April blizzard. No filter.

Downtown Fort Collins.

A movie night outfit.

An art wall in downtown Loveland.

Another April snow scene outside of the gym. 
Here’s hoping we don’t see this again until post-summer!


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