My Girlfriends

I need to take a moment to brag. I have some of the greatest girlfriends in the world.

If you can say the same for yourself, you are one lucky lady.

In my opinion, there are a handful of components that make up a good friendship between two women.

1. Being able to laugh together.

And not just the chuckling kind of laugh. I mean the full-fledged, crying & can’t breathe kind of laughter. Love that.

2. Being able to let your TRUE self show. Not just your best self, no, I mean your TRUE self.

This is a big one. It’s hard for us to let others inside & see the parts of ourselves that we don’t like as much, or that we are working on. But I think it’s so important for our friends to know our struggles just as well as our triumphs.

Which brings me to #3…

3. Being there for each other in for good times & bad. This, I believe is where a true test comes in & friendships are made stronger or broken.

Trust me, you’ll know who your “real” friends are when you are struggling with an issue or in the midst of a personal mess. And I hate the term “real friends”, but there is nothing else better fitting. During these times of trouble is when we need our friends the most. Good girlfriends can come in and help you pull yourself out. And if you haven’t already, you WILL return the favor someday, because everyone goes through things.

4. Being able to trust each other.

Sharing your thoughts & feelings with your girlfriends is an invaluable part of life. We just “get” each other better than our partners can sometimes, and it’s important to be understood. What’s even better is knowing that you can share details of your life & they will stay safe with a good girlfriend. You know they won’t gossip, talk behind your back or use the information you tell them against you.

5. Being able to support & inspire each other to become better. 

Some of my greatest inspiration comes from my girlfriends. When I am in need of a dose of life motivation – for whatever may be going on in my life, whether it being losing weight or taking a leap in my career, I love being able to reach out to my girlfriends to help set me on the right track. They know me, and they love me, so when they offer their opinion or advice, I know it’s coming from the right place. They are such amazing women that I aspire to be like each of them in one way or another.

If you have girlfriends like these, cherish them & your friendship, because what would life be like without  our friends? 

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