Boston Marathon Tragedy – How We Can Help

Yesterday’s tragedy is weighing heavy on all American (and beyond) hearts today. We have questions: 
How could this happen at a race?
Is no where safe anymore?
Who would do this?
While we don’t have answers yet, we can certainly pray for comfort for the vicitms, wounded survivors and emotionally-scarred bystanders, as well as asking for wisdom for the volunteers and medical staff still trying to save lives. 
In addition to prayer, here are a few more ways that we can help from afar:
1. Donate blood to the Red Cross. 
Thankfully, there is currently enough blood at this time, but you can continually check back on their Twitter page: @RedCross
2. Donate to the Salvation Army’s efforts.

The organization is currently providing food and counseling to first responders in Boston. 

“One of the bombs was reportedly detonated near a VIP area for families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT.” – Jonathan Harris of Participant Media
4. Wear a race shirt today.

Although this will not physically help the victims, we can show our support through this simple act.
5. Don’t stop running. In fact, sign up for your next race. 

One of my very oldest friends brought a tear to my eye last night as I was scanning Twitter. Her tweet was this, “I’d like to think my motivation to run the most I’ve ever ran tonight came from honoring the victims. “. 
We had already signed up to run the BoulderBoulder in May, but now we’re doing it for Boston.
During this time of tradegy, I believe that it is just as important to focus on the good that comes from the bad, as it is to mourn for those whose lives are lost or forever changed.
Well said, Mr. Rogers. Well said.

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