Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 
This is another new post series for me. One of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, is the inspiration behind it – I love reading her Five Things posts on Fridays. Read her last one here.
Tonight we’re having dinner down in Denver at Tom’s Urban 24 in Larimer Square with our friends, Erin & Stefan, before going to see Natasha Leggero at Comedy Works. The rest of the weekend is pretty open, besides a baby shower on Sunday – sounds like a good to me! 
Here are five of my favorite things this week.
Because I’m DESPERATE for it. 
This movie. We stayed up late to watch it on Wednesday night & although it’s not a blockbuster, both Cory & I really enjoyed it. And honestly, it made me want to listen to opera. 
And on that note, here is a soulful playlist for cooking – something we’ve been getting into this year. 
In fact, I think I will try my hand at this spinach queso this weekend!
Last, but not least, the prayer that has been going through my head this week. Beautiful words. 
Have a wonderful weekend.

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