Birthday Doings

A little list of birthday blessings I received on Tuesday:

Waking up to a bed filled with two sleepy fur babies & an unconscious husband.

Rolling out of bed to find flowers, a sweet card & previously mentioned husband making omelets and english muffins for breakfast.

FaceTiming with my sweet sister & Baby Briggs + Snap Chatting w/Alex & Jayde, who is pictured below.

Listening to good music. 

Sweating it out at the gym. Let’s not talk about the snow.

Lunching on homemade broccoli cheddar soup (Panera-style) & grilled cheese. We found the soup recipe at Peas and Crayons.
Shopping at one of my favorite stores.

Trying out a new (to us) bar for Happy Hour called Lucious Nectar.

Sipping on martinis at Elliot’s with Cory & Rachel.

Enjoying sushi, sake and good conversation at Suehiro.


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