Great Plates

One of the things that I love about living in Fort Collins is that there is almost always something fun & unique going on here. Great Plates is one of those things.

It’s basically a food festival that runs from March 1st-14th & is a spin-off (I believe) of Denver’s Restaurant  Week. Almost 40 restaurants in downtown Fort Collins offer deals ranging from $2.50 (for breakfast) or $25 for a family, $25 for two or $25 a person.

Over the past week we’ve visited:

 La Luz – 2 for $25 Guac, beers, tacos & sopapillas.

Spoons – $25 for 2 pints of soup, 4 salads & 6 pieces of yummy bread. We met our friends from small group, Jess & Tom out this night.
Mugs – $2.50 for a breakfast sandwich. 
Rodizio Grill – The Brazilian Steakhouse– $25/person for unlimited appetizers, salad bar, meat cuts & chocolate cake. YUM. 
We went with our new friends, Erin & Stephan! 
This was a chicken cut that was being brought around, like all the meats are at brazilian steakhouses. If you’ve never dined brazlian – you should probably do it. Come hungry & don’t fill up on the salad bar!
Tomorrow night I’m meeting my friend, Rachel out for margs & fajitas at The Rio ($25 for two), one of our favorite spots. 
And then I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Cory will indulge me one more time on Thursday, the last day of Great Plates, because there are so many places I’ve yet to try! 
Have a great week!


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