Lent – Throwing in the White Flag

If you know me or even sort of follow my blog, you know that I love to set goals for myself. For example, as a novice runner I set a goal of running a half marathon – and accomplished it last fall!

Sometimes though, these goals are a bit too lofty for my actual commitment level (ex. last Lent – no gossip).

This time, I got myself in a bind. I even tried to give myself some wiggle room (drinking six times in six weeks, regardless of the day), though to no avail.
Maybe it was because I decided on my Lent sacrifice after a glass (or two) of wine on Fat Tuesday. Maybe it was because my heart wasn’t really in the right place. Maybe it was just too freaking hard.

Regardless of the reason, I’m chalking Lent 2013 up to another FAIL.
When talking to my mom about this, she (the sweet, Christian woman that she is) told me that it is okay because I’m not perfect & that maybe I should just try to revise my sacrifical goal, like maybe only drinking on the weekends. My friend Rachel told me that I should just try to give up beer. My BF, Alex just said I told you so. Dammit.

So since I went all out in the blogosphere & publicly committed to a lofty Lent goal, I feel that I must also publicly admit that I bit off more than I can chew this time.

This is not a very fun blog to write.

Although I will say that I have been drinking MUCH less than normal, a habit that I plan to continue because it has actually helped me control my calories much better & feel more fresh.

I hope that Lent is going much better for you than it is for me. Happy (Fish) Friday!


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