Our Weekend at Copper

I love weekends that do exactly what they are suppose to: provide you with some fun + time to get caught up on life + leave you refreshed. 
We rented a Ski In/Ski Out condo at Copper Mountain with our friends from home, the Jones, their friends from Denver (who we met in January & are our friends now too!) & their parents. It was a great group & a great time. The conditions on the mountain were perfect – powdery on Friday & sunny on Saturday –  we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

This weekend just made me really thankful & I’ve listed a couple of the things that were top of mind for me on the mountains:

#1 – I am so blessed to have Cory as my husband. He is patient & kind & amazing. : ) I’m so, so thankful to be able to share our life & adventures together.
#2 – I’m thankful for the relationships I have as a 26 year old – no drama, no unruly expectations or pressure – just the ability to be who we are & share experiences with each other.
#3 – I’m grateful for the lessons learned along the way that helped get me where I am today. (That rhymed – not intentional!)
#4 – I am so thankful to live in Fort Collins, which is a short drive to the mountains where I can practice the sport I began enjoying almost 15 years ago.

I hope you had a great weekend too!


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