Easter Weekend 2013

Here is a recap of our weekend in photos: 

KU Game

Sadly, the Jayhawks lost to Michigan on Friday night, so this:

Happy Hour drinks on the patio at Austin’s with Rachel.

Turned into this:
Shots, long islands & more w/Cory, Rachel & a couple of her friends.
I tried to reign myself back in on Saturday by having this for lunch:
A Hawaiian steak salad from the Bent Fork.
Easter Party + Shocker Game

Our friends, Erin & Stephan had us over for an Easter Drinks & Dessert Party on Saturday, which was super cute. Check it out!

While we were there we watched the Shocker game. The Shockers had not been to the Elite 8 since 1981 and we were ecstatic as we watched them make it to the Final Four (that they had not been to since 1964)! So we went out to celebrate with some sake & sushi. 

After one awesome church service today, we took the pups on a little hike up at Horsetooth.
I hope you had a wonderful day!


Post #100

Happy Good Friday!

This being my 100th post and all, I found it fitting to use this space to explain the thought process behind my new title, A Life with Luster.

In my opinion, life is about creating yourself. It’s about figuring out who you are & what you are meant to do in the world.

So I want my blog to be a reflection of my journey. A journey that is flawed, beautiful and always evolving. A journey that has a little luster.

I enjoy writing about the vastness of life as a twenty-something, married, working girl – the good & the bad. A life that is anything but stagnant, that has intentions to be in the moment & enjoy each day to the fullest.

Connecting my past to where I am now & where I am going.

Allowing me to express myself & my creativity – imperfect as it may be.

So I thought it was time for a new name to reflect this. And that’s how Days I Can’t Get Over turned into A Life with Luster.

I hope you will follow along this new journey!

Kate Spade Diagonal Striped Case in Gold

This is possibly the most gorgeous iPhone 4s case ever. Well, appearance-wise. Protection-wise? Not so much. It IS a hard case after all & I’ve never been a fan of hard cases. Still, even without great protection – it is so pretty it’s worth it.
I was excited to see that some of my favorite bloggers also share my love for this gorgeous tech accessory. 
You can get it here!


I look forward to many things in spring – going coatless, outdoor patios, sneaking to the pool for the first time, taking enjoyable walks with my dogs…
Of the many things I enjoy, snow is not one of them. Did I move to Colorado or something??
Here we are, my pups & I witnessing our first spring snow as Fort Collins residents yesterday. By the way, this is NOTHING compared to the snow storm we woke up this morning!
I don’t think Winston’s too impressed, either.
Natty loves it. I could barely get this girl to hold still.
When in Rome?
I hope the first weekend is spring is off to a warmer start for you than it is for me!

St. Paddy’s Day

Always one of my favorite holidays due to the festiveness. Not many words are needed, so here is my Saturday (we celebrated a day early) in photos:
Taking my coffee w/Irish Cream.

Watching my Jayhwaks win. 

Going to Erin & Stefan’s house for a little shindig. 
Relishing Erin’s yummy appetizer spread.
Enjoying this flavored olive oil from a local shop in Fort Collins.
Drinking green beer.
Spending time w/my man.
Moscow Muling (my first!) + Gaming.

Poppin Tags

You know, like the song? Well, sort of. 
Cory found this cute little shop called Vines Vintage, that sells refurbished pieces – anything from dresses to dressers. Very neat!
Along with a beautiful, modern desk, I found this blazer for $16! Therefore, I feel that I can acurately say I was poppin tags
My $16 blazer doesn’t look too much unlike this Banana Republic blazer.
And this is how I wore it to work, paired with a white Target tank, a cream flowy tank from Francesa’s, my Articles of Society skinnies & nude Steve Madden pumps. I added just my signature gold Kate Spade bangle & Mrs. necklace, to keep it classic.

Plus a red lip + Micahel Kors aviators, of course.
I got the inspiration to search for used goods from this post from The Sweetest Thing Blog and now I’m sold. 
We also snatched up some hooks for my Ann Taintor mugs.
This one is my fav. by the way, purchased in Montana several years before I began to drink coffee on a regular basis.
And this cool key holder!
If you’ve never searched your local antique store, I suggest you take a stab at it this weekend. So much fun!