Fort Collins – Two Months In

After living here for two months, Fort Collins is starting to feel like home. 

Things we love about living here:
The youthful, energetic, entrepreniual spirit about the town. 
Being able to snowboard whenever we want. We’re making trip #3 to the mountains on Friday!
The abundance of restaurants, many being local to CO.
The closeness we are to Denver – you know I love the big city. 
The friends that we’ve made!
“Our” church, Mill City.
Being within 15 minutes of work – both of us.
All of the snow. 
More time together. 
A different kind of a microbrew at every turn.
The slower lifestyle that we’ve created.
Being able to take our dogs with us everywhere. 
Staying close to our loved ones back home despite the distance. 
Things we’re still getting used to:
All of the snow.
The price of real estate & rentals.
The high prices of gyms & what they have to offer. Wichita – You have it so good w/the YMCAs.
I really get the sense that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Have I said that before? Maybe. Probably. But it is a really happy & good feeling. 
Stay safe & warm today, on yet again, another snow day!

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