Hello Estes Park!

We’ve been living in Colorado for about a month now, and with the gorgeous weather this weekend, we finally got a chance to check out Estes Park. 
All the Northern Coloradans rave about the city – the amazing mountain views on the drive up, the way the quaint town comes alive in season (May-Sept.) & the array of outdoor activities that can be done in Rocky Mountain National Park (hiking, snowshoeing, fly fishing, etc.). Plus, this weekend the city was having it’s Winter Festival, so it was perfect timing. 
So after a yummy breakfast (can I just say that it is SO nice to have Cory home – he was training in Denver all last week), we loaded up the dogs & our “gear” (my camera, some Nalgene bottles & the iPad – just in case) & headed out about 9:30. 
I wish I would have been able to get pictures of  the views driving up winding roads in the vast & vibrant mountains that are scattered with cute little cabins. Those were some of the most beautiful of the day.
We got to Rocky Mountain Park & let the dogs explore. 
Then we explored the little town.
A local artist’s work displayed in a shop on the main drag. Go Prius!
Our last stop – lunch at the bar!
It was the perfect morning/early afternoon. We can’t wait to go back when it’s a little warmer & enjoy some outdoor activities in the national park + experience Estes “in season.”
Happy Saturday to You!

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