Last month my best girl, Alex & I made our first trip to the Big Apple. 
The occasion? Celebrating her 25th Birthday.
Here are some highlights:

Bryant Park. It was much smaller & more quaint than one would imagine.

Seeing Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous stoop. In person. No words.
SoulCycle. A revolution. Seriously. Please come to Denver!!
A much more emotional experience than I expected – Lighting a candle in St. Pat’s & saying a prayer for healing in regards to my mom’s breast cancer diagnosis. 

Ice Skating, in the rain (and after a couple of cocktails) under the big tree in Rockefeller Center.

Central Park. Enough said. 

We took a page from the Kardashians’ book & at dinner every night we talked about the days’: Peaks, Pits, Praises & Prayers (in Alex friendly terms, the last two were called Thankfulness & Hopes).

It was a really neat practice & one that I wish I could get into every day. Overall for our trip, I’ve listed, as concise as possible, my Peaks & Pits.


The street style – all different kinds
Bryant Park
The gorgeous buildings
Visiting Carrie’s (Sex & the City) Stoop
A cozy, bland Italian dinner
Two Pieces of Good News that Alex Received
Lighting a prayer candle for my momma at St. Patrick’s Cathedral
Drinks at The Empire Hotel
Brunch in Soho
NY Style Pizza
Dinner at The Smith
Ice Skating Rockefeller Center
The largeness of Wall Street
Strolling in Central Park
Spending five days in a 5 x 15 ft. hostel-ish hotel room w/my best friend & still being BFs


No ranch w/french fries (I know, I’m so Midwest)
My Strange Arm Injury
One Rude Cabby
All.Of.The.Walking (sometimes in heels – boo hoo)
Getting Lost – Sometimes on the subway, sometimes on the street
Sucking (Inside Joke)
Wet Uggs

Though it was our first, it won’t be our last trip to the big city. We got the bug!

I Heart NYC!


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