My 2013 word of the year: Willpower. All encompassing. All improving. All – crap, this might be hard. But it has to be done.

If I look back on the failures 2012, willpower is the one central theme that contributed to each of them. Specifically because I have little to none of it.
Did I lose the post-wedding weight that I planned to? No. Why? Because I love Freddy’s Frozen Custard & happy hour always sounded more fun than the gym. 
Did I save as much money as I wanted to? Heck no. Why, you ask? Because I became obsessed w/two people you may have heard of: Michael Kors & Kate Spade. Oh & J. Crew – you didn’t help either.
Instead of setting hard & fast rules for a New Year’s Resolution that would probably get tossed away by the end of January, I’m just going to continue to set goals for myself. And when I set a goal, I use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely) method to determine how I’m going to achieve the goal. Here is where the problem lies: I don’t do what I KNOW I’m suppose to do to achieve the goal. 
So this year, I plan to focus on my willpower, because I believe that is the missing link in helping me achieve some of my goals.

Some goals I have for 2013:

1. Get back to ideal weight & then MAINTAIN.*
2. Re-establish our routine of going to church on Sundays.
3. Blog @ 3x a week for a total of at least 150 posts this year. Make @50 of those Style Posts!
4. Read 20 books throughout the year.
5.  Increase my company’s brand awareness in the Northern Colorado area.
6. Begin writing a book.
7. Get our dogs outside to play or for a walk/run at least every other day.
8. Be more in the moment, whether that be in the office, at the gym, on the phone, etc.
9. Become even closer w/my mom & sister via phone calls, Skype & visits.
10. Always be kinder than you feel.

*My ideal weight is not necessarily my lowest weight ever, just the weight I feel best at & is maintainable.

I would love for you to check back on my 2013 progress – help keep me accountable!

Happy New Year!


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