2012 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Another year down in the books. Was 2012 good for you? It was an action-packed year for me, to say the least.

And as always, I love to use this post-holiday time to reflect on the year that’s just passed. You can visit any of the other 53 posts from 2012 to see my year in detail, but here is a quick summary:

The Good 

Kicking off 2012 in Hawaii & enjoying the time spent w/Cory’s family.
Making the decision to move.
Coming home to the arrival of sweet Baby Briggs!
Gaining one naughty, little chihuahua Winston (thank you, BooBoo).
Lots of traveling for work – Kansas City, Chicago, Vegas, etc.
Volunteering w/Junior Achievement.
Trip to California, including wine tasting through vineyards (best part!).
Putting our first home on the market.
Completing my first Warrior Dash, alongside my husband & some friends.
Starting a Book Club.
Vegas Trip w/my best friend.
Training for my first 1/2 marathon w/Cory & several good friends.
Skypping with a REAL author (How to Love an American Man).
Spending 8 days over the 4th of July holiday in peaceful Montana.
Running my first 10k with my husband & friend, Bonnie (thanks for cheering us on, Alex).
Becoming a First Year Active in the Junior League of Wichita.
Celebrating two years of marriage w/the man who was put on this earth for me (& I for him).
Running my first 15k w/Cory.
Selling our house!
Handling the social media for Holiday Galleria 2012 while on the JLW HG Promotions Committee.
Running a 1/2 marathon w/Cory, Alex & several other good friends. What a feeling!
Celebrating two years at my job.
Celebrating Days I Can’t Get Over’s first full year of existence.
Finding an apartment in Fort Collins.
Traveling to NYC to ring in Alex’s 25th birthday.
Achieving some sort of balance – my word of the year.
Making the BIG move to CO!

To name a few…there were many more good times spent w/friends & family in 2012.

The Bad

Losing our sweet, little chihuahua, Coco.
Lots of traveling for work – to some very non-glamorous locations that will remain unnamed.
Discovering Cory’s grandmother has lung cancer (though this isn’t all bad, since she is recovering & doing well – thank you, Jesus!).
Finding out my mom has breast cancer, though everything looks to be extremely hopeful.

The Ugly

Have I mentioned lots of traveling for work?
Trip to California – I learned the lesson that not everyone travels alike & that some friends just aren’t meant to be travel buddies! Beth – You think I would have learned that lesson in Peru, right? : )
Vegas trip w/my best friend (for my wallet).
Running my first 1/2 – the last several miles were NOT pretty. But we did it!
NYC trip w/my best friend (once again, solely on the Ugly list for my wallet).

While making this list I realized that in 2012 I did a lot of firsts (I highlighted those). This is something that I think is important for everyone to do each year, even if they are not “big” items. Something as simple as trying sushi for the first time can really give you energy & adjust your outlook on life.

I hope that you had a great 2012 & that your 2013 is even better. I encourage you to reflect on your year & identify your successes, failures, good & bad times and then decide what you want your 2013 to look like from there.

I’ll be doing the same in my next post. Happy New Year!


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