The C Word

Last week my mom found out that she has breast cancer. 
A few weeks before that she went in for her mammogram and a lump was found. She had that lump biopsied & the report came back malignent. Over the weekend we patiently awaited her Tuesday afternoon appointment, in which the specialist would tell her the kind of cancer she has, how aggressive it is & what our next steps would be going forward.
My mom is 45 years old.
So when she told my sister & I last Friday, we were in shock. And we were scared. 
It’s strange how you go through life, not truly realizing how lucky you are. Sure, you know you’re blessed & you may even be really thankful for that, but you do things like turn unfavorable situations into catastrophic problems, because you really think that it’s worth it or that it matters.
It’s like you don’t really begin to live until something like this happens to you. It’s unthinkable that someone you love so dearly could be taken away from you much earlier than you are prepared for. You take for granted life and only when you get news like this do you realize how foolish you’ve been. And you realize that life will never be the same as it was before and that you must treasure each moment.
It’s a bittersweet place to be. You’ve finally woken up, but with a price.
So once you begin living, really living, you put down your cell phone. You hear the kids laugh. You see your sister sitting happily with her husband, off in their own world. You hug your husband tighter. You just notice all of the little things that make your life so great.
By the way, by “you”, I mean me. 
Our family has been lucky up to this point. We’ve had no immediate family members fall ill or pass away, aside from the aging ones. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of drama, but at least everyone had their health. 
So this was a shock to us all. 
I am beyond grateful to say that shock turned into celebration tonight. We got the best news that we could about my mom’s disease. Her cancer is not aggressive, it’s ductile (which means it’s contained & has not spread) and removal and recovery will most likely be fairly easy. 
Thank the Lord!
We still don’t know EXACTLY what is ahead, we have to wait three weeks to receive another blood test result, telling us if the cancer is hereditary (though there is no breast cancer in our family, there is still a 1/16 chance that it’s possible to carry a hereditary gene). Once we know the answer to that, we’ll know what her treatment path will be.
So please keep her in your prayers.
This year is going to be extra special for our family as we have more to be thankful for than we were ever aware of before. 
I hope that you hug your mom extra tight on Turkey Day & look around the table, being in awe of the amazing people you have you in your life, seeing & loving them for who they are, flaws & all. 
That, friends, is my plan. 

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