Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween!
This year we had so much creativity flowing that we decided to wear three different costumes. I love brainstorming costume ideas with my husband every year (we always dress as a couple – see our past  costumes here) and the best part about this year was that we spent around $40 total.
I’m seriously becoming so frugal. 
Drum roll please…
Costume # 1 – Johnny Cash & June Carter
Worn to the Boo & Brew Bash on 10/20.
We spent $16 on Cory’s wig from Kay’s This & That and $8 on a pair of black Wrangler jeans from Walmart. Cory already owned the black shirt, shoes & guitar. I wore all of my own clothes (yes, I did have that pony dress in my closet already & have since decided to donate it to the D.A.V.) & borrowed a microphone from our niece, Madalynn.
Costume # 2 – The Duggars
This one was our personal favorite, worn to our friend Lindsay’s 30th Birthday & Costume Party on 10/27.
We purchased the sweaters & FLOOR LENGTH JEAN SKIRT from the D.A.V. for less than $8 and the rest of the clothes were ours (Cory’s jeans & our white oxford shirts). The name tags were $1.59 from Target, the basketball was my little step brother’s and the outdated hairstyles were free. 
Not pictured: Our 19 Kids & Counting (yes, we did bring along 19 baby dolls – once again borrowed from Madalynn – without her knowing even), a stroller that we borrowed from my sister and white tights & black flats, which were my own.
 I must admit that I did have to indulge in a couple of drinks beforehand, but going to a bar in this costume proved to be HILARIOUS. I had so much fun. From dropping it like it was hot on the dance floor to having an accidental water break, I couldn’t stop laughing all night.
Costume # 3 – Pretty Kitty

Worn at my office on 10/31.
Simple, comfortable & cute, all I had to do was “Meow” all day. I had the leggings, black ballet flats (not pictured) & shirt already, my co-worker Stacie brought me black face paint & the ears were $8 from Target. 

Now I’m off to trick or treat around our office w/my nephews before attending their church’s Trunk or Treat event. Another good Halloween in the books. 
Enjoy your night!

Downtown Denver

Last week Cory & I spent some time in downtown Denver. I love big cities & Denver is no exception.
Gorgeous, isn’t it?
Here is what I wore:
Red Lips.
This season I’ve been embracing my paler skin & playing it up with lots of black & lots of bold lips!


Glasses – Target, Lips – MAC Red, Dress  – Calvin Klein, Boots – Michael Kors, Belt – The Limited, Black & Gold Ring -Cricket Alley via Holiday Galleria, Bag – Vintage Coach

I loved this comfortable outfit & the way it worked for several situations. I coordinated a photo shoot at our Loveland office & then went downtown to a bookstore & to walk around & window shop before heading to the airport.

I hope you enjoy this fall weekend, in the most stylish way possible!

Happy One Year to Days I Can’t Get Over!

One year ago today I created my blog, “Days I Can’t Get Over”, which I named after a line in one of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard. Listen to “Endlessly” by Green River Ordinance here (FYI – I did not make this YouTube video) & read my very first post here
I love to write and have had a passion for it since I can remember. When I was just a kid, I would spend many days at my grand parents’ computer, typing up what I pretended to be my novel. 
I beam w/happiness when friends tell me that they read my blog, because that’s just so cool. When you put something out into the universe, it’s nice to know it was noticed, even if just by a few. And it’s even better when someone says they they love reading it, because I know how it is to get hooked on a blog.
So today I want to post about the blogs that originally inspired me to start blogging regularly & help push me to keep improving. I check these babies daily, so fair warning – you may get hooked too!
This adorable site JUST got a face lift last week. It’s a great little style blog, that includes details of Julia’s life from time to time. 
Formerly titled Three’s a Crowd, until the Moore’s welcomed their sweet baby boy, Henry into their lives earlier this year. I met Ali through Junior League of Wichita last year & instantly fell in love with her blog, style & photos – which is why she is taking our family pictures tomorrow! A post on that to come…
Lately she’s written a lot about life w/Henry, but make sure you scroll through some of her older posts too, because her pictures are gorgeous. She makes every day life look peaceful, preppy & perfect.
PS – Ali is a super cool & nice chick, which makes reading about her life even more fun.
This site is “a guide for defining your style, reinventing your space and entertaining with ease” and is so popular that Emily also published a book of the same title. She has such inspiring personal & decor style and I never get bored with her posts because I don’t know what’s coming next. 
One of my favorite things that Emily does is a Five Things post nearly every Friday, which showcases five of her favorite things from the past week. Read her last Five Things post, here.
 My 2012 goal was to write at least one blog a week & I’m right on track to meet that goal by the end of the year. Next year I want to step my game up & blog three times a week, especially since I will want to share my Colorado adventure. Also, as you can tell, I really love personal style & blogs about it, so expect to see more of that incorporated into Days I Can’t Get Over in the future. 
And who knows, maybe a face lift is in store for us here too!

I am officially a 1/2 marathoner!

20 weeks ago or so, when Alex first told me that she wanted to run the Prairie Fire 1/2 marathon, I told her that she was crazy. And that there was NO WAY I would be accompanying her.

Here we are after we crossed the finish line last Sunday.
If you’ve been following my training blogs, you’ll know that this 1/2 marathon was no easy feat for us, as we started off in June barely being able to run 2 miles.
So last Saturday night Elyse, Kristine & her boyfriend, Chris & myself all went over to Alex’s to carb load on a delicious spread her mom made for us, which included:
Caesar Salad
Garlic Bread
Whole Wheat Pasta & Marinara Sauce
Grilled Chicken & Chicken Sausage
Yummy Apple Bread w/Carmel Sauce – Thanks Kristine!
We updated our playlists, talked about what we were going to wear & eat the next day, our goals & game plans, etc.
We were EXCITED!
The morning rolled around too early, of course, with me going to bed later than planned & Cory getting off work at 11 p.m. But we pulled ourselves out of bed, grabbed our gear & scrambled out of the house to pick up Elyse & Alex. We took the wrong route & had to park far away from the race start & got there later than planned, but still 15 minutes before the race started. I heard that 1400 more people ran this year’s Prairie Fire than did last year, bringing the total number of runners somewhere close to 4000.
Here we are pre-race.

Sally, Alex’s friend from work, joined us.
On? Off?
Kristine ran 13.1 in honor of her 31st birthday!
Lovely Ladies.
The shotgun sounded & we were off!
Everyone’s run was a success, but went a little different. For me, the first seven miles felt like a breeze. We all started out together, then some ran ahead & some were behind at a slower pace. Cory, Kristine & I started out running at about a 10:45 mile pace.
We saw our families along the way & I can’t explain how good that felt to see the signs that they made & hear them cheering us on. It really made all the difference.
We grabbed water at each water station. I didn’t stop to grab the water, just grabbed it while running by, which for me, helped to keep my momentum up.
I took my first GU at mile five & tried to fudge one for the first time. This might sound weird, but it was almost delicious. Much better than the Power Aid berry gels I had been getting at Dillon’s, in both texture & flavor.
Mile marker six & seven were knocked over by the wind, which actually helped me because by the time I wondered where we were, mile eight appeared! By the time mile nine appeared, I was really hitting a wall. All I could think was, “Get to the next mile & all you’ll have left is a 5k.”
At mile 10 I took my second GU (vanilla bean – also tasty), but had to slow down, so Kristine went ahead of Cory & I. I know Cory could have gone ahead too, but he was so sweet to stay with me & get me through those last three miles. 
We saw my sister, cousin & niece & nephew around mile 11 or 12 – and I just started crying. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I was in pain, so thankful for the supporters I have in my life & so proud of how far I have come in the past several years, all at the same time. 
My tears lead me to realize that I ran my first 5k only two years prior, and barely made it across the finish line. At the end of that race I remember saying, “This is NOT fun for me. Why do people do this willingly?” 
Now not only do I get it, but I’m addicted. Running is so symbolic of life.
I was so happy to see the finish line. Having run a full 13.1 miles feels awesome. Of course, next time I would do some things different. Yes, I’m already thinking about my next 1/2.
Here are some post-race photos:
Our favorite spectators.
I’m keeping THIS medal!
Some pretty amazing women.
My running plan for the future?
I’m hooked!

Life on 10/11/12

To say that our life has been a little hectic lately is an understatement.
Since I last posted (over two weeks ago – that’s how crazy it’s been) we’ve:
– Hosted a Fall Party to celebrate w/our loved ones in our first home, one last time.
This is one of my favorite pictures from the evening, at the end of the night.

– Sold Cory’s F150 Truck, Toby Keith (don’t ask).
– Celebrated sweet Madalynn’s 3rd Birthday. 
– Traveled to Oklahoma to purchase a 4Runner and returned from Oklahoma, sans a 4Runner.
Which means, in addition to everything else that we have going on, we are a one car family at the moment.
Traveled to Austin for Cory & friends to compete in the Tough Mudder.


During – Yuck!


– Packed up & moved.

Which required some caffeine..

And stairs..

And lifesaving friends..

And a little supervision.

Some playtime didn’t hurt either!

– Said our final “good bye” to our first home.

– Closed on the house!


We got an amazing couple’s massage & had dinner at Bonefish, which consisted of:
Martinis (me) & Beer (him)
Bang Bang Shrimp
Surf & Turf Sushi Rolls
Chicken & Shrimp Pad Thai
Brownie & Ice Cream – YUM!
And this is just all of the out of the ordinary stuff that we’ve had on our plate. We still did plenty of: work, running, spending time w/family, having wine & DVR nights, book clubbing, chili cook-offing…
So needless to say, I’ve been a very busy girl. 
To wrap up the week, Holiday Galleria  starts tonight! I’m on a committee that has been hard at work since the summer to promote this event & we’re about to see all of our hard work pay off! Since this is the top thing to do in Wichita this weekend, you must come! 
And then there’s that little thing called The Prairie Fire Half Marathon that we’re doing on Sunday. For those of you who are asking how my training has been going: I haven’t done a long run in three weeks, so my longest was 10.5 miles. I have been keeping up with my short weekly runs, except for this week. I am ready for the 1/2 to be here & done, but feeling confident that I can do it! : )
At this point, I’m looking forward to life slowing down, just a little bit. But what is it, if not a crazy ride?
Enjoy your 10/11/12!