Fall & The Changes It Brings

Fall is my absolute favorite season, for all of the obvious reasons. Cute clothing options – tights, riding boots & scarves, anyone? Chilly weather. The smells. The beginning of the holiday season. The tastes – Pumpkin. Spice. Latte. Need I say more?

This fall is particularly special to us because it will be the last season we’ll spend living in Wichita.

Anyone who has ever known me well, through any stage of my life, has known of my desire to spread my wings. Specifically, by moving out of Wichita.

Growing up, I was always hoping for a “fresh, new start” in a city that I felt more connected to, more alive in. Now I must admit that while Wichita still has a long way to go, in my opinion, I feel that it has also come a long way.
As I’ve gotten older & especially since beginning my career in marketing, I’ve learned to appreciate the city that I was born & raised in. The cheap real estate. The thriving business community. The way that people will do something good for you & expect nothing in return.

I’ve also learned a lot about myself in the past several years & feel that I’m truly starting to understand who I am and own it. Not only own it, but love it. And when you accept yourself, your past, the good & the bad in life and you begin living with intention, you open yourself up to seeing others for who they are. You attract & keep people in your life who not only love themselves, but love & accept you for who you really are too.

Below are some of the women that I am so thankful to have in my life. Ashley (L of me) & I have been friends since we were five. This girl means more to me than words; I only wish I wouldn’t have let us drift apart during our high school & college years. Kate (just R of me) has been a friend of mine since 2009 & we’ve both watched each other grow into the women we are today. She is such a special lady. Megan (far R) & I met two years ago & she is not only a inspirational mom, person & friend, but she has helped me to learn how to not sweat the small stuff.

So this is where I’m at right now.

I’m happy. I’m thankful. I’m humbled. I respect & love myself enough to know what/who belongs in my life & what/who doesn’t. I’m at peace. I’m surrounded by loved ones. I’m passionate & alive.

And I’m moving.

It’s funny that just when you think you have things figured out, life happens. I no longer desire a “fresh, new start” because I love the story that’s happening right in front of me. I love my life, every single detail of it, because it’s what has brought me to where I am today.

And knowing myself, I know that no matter how happy I am right now, in Wichita, Kansas, that I will feel unfulfilled if I don’t take the chance that’s right in front of me.

So that’s why we’re going. To act on a lifelong dream I’ve had & see where it takes us. To make it our big adventure, alone together. Just the two of us, taking on the world (well, starting with Fort Collins).

In that spirit, I plan to make the most out of every single day this fall. And I hope you’ll join me in that venture.

 Happy first weekend of fall 2012!

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