Under Contract!

On this unofficial last day of summer I have some very exciting news to share with you all…
After 14 weeks of being on the market – we have a contract on our house!
Does this SOLD sign look sweet in our front yard or what??

The transaction is off to a good start: the buyers seem great & are very excited (from what we hear), the inspection went well & we are pleased with the buyer’s requests. We still have the appraisal &VA inspection (the buyer’s have a VA loan) to go through before closing, which is set for early October. VA loans take longer to close, apparently, but so far, so good.

So, it is official – we will be out of our very first home in a little more than 30 days, pending everything goes right & closing doesn’t get pushed back.

Here we are on the day the house became ours.

We made a lot of good memories in this house and truly had no clue we would be leaving it behind so soon.

When Cory & I first moved in together in 2008, he had just graduated from college & I was graduating in a year. After which, I assumed we would be moving to Kansas City, where I would be looking for jobs.

Apparently I had forgotten to mention that life plan to Cory & we hit a bit of a bump when he told me that he NEVER planned on moving away from Wichita.

It had been a dream of mine to move away since I was about five years old. So, we worked through it & decided to stay in Wichita, while always keeping our options open.

The summer after I graduated in 2009, we bought our first home.

Two years later an opportunity came open for me to relocate with my current company.

Four years after our initial relocation discussion, Cory was not only open to this opportunity, but when I told him Colorado would be the place we would be moving to, he was super pumped!

So after discussing the relocation for many, many months, we put our house on the market in May 2012.

And hopefully, the rest will be history!

 Please keep us & this closing in your prayers over the next month & I’ll hopefully have some great news to report in October!

Happy Labor Day!


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