Where We Belong

I am a woman-obsessed. With all things Emily Giffin, that is. I just finished her latest book, “Where We Belong,” and have been INSPIRED by this must read.
The book is about love, family and finding yourself, in the midst of chaos. It’s one of those books that you stay up late to read & then dream about. One that you crack open during your lunch hour, no matter how hectic your day is. It’s the kind of book that you try to read while cramming breakfast down your throat in the morning, even if you can only get a page – or a paragraph – in.
It’s a book that inspired me to take a look into my own life & my own family & love situations.

My reading realizations:
1. I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything other than a messy love.
I’ve often envyed couples who meet as adults. “How easy,” I think, “when you both meet at a point in your life when you know who you are & you both have your stuff together. You get the opportunity to see if who you are & what you want, fits with who they are & what they want. You don’t just fall blindly in love, you make the decision with your heart and your head.”
Now, I realize my idea of “grown up dating” may not always be reality, but it’s what I picture, since I’ve never gone on a date w/anyone post-college, besides my husband.
Where We Belong made me look at our marriage completely differently.
Having a history, with all of the ups & downs, good & bad that come with that, is real.

Here we are at our high school, where it all began. : )

No wonder in movies like, “Sweet Home Alabama” I get torn between the perfect guy who takes the girl to a private opening at Tiffany’s to pick out an engagement ring & the high school sweetheart who once was a screw up, but has grown into a good man.
Or The Notebook, where Allie is choosing between good on paper & the person that was meant for her.

This makes me realize that I picked my very own Noah.

And I’m able to have peace with the non-perfectness of our relationship. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your partner has seen it all from you & knows you almost better than you know yourself. And that’s something that can only come with time & trials. History.

2. Relationships don’t have to look one certain way.
Some of you know, most of you don’t, but I met my biological father when I was 23 years old. Three short years ago. It’s not something that I discuss often, and I’m not quite sure I’ve even wrapped my mind completely around it yet, but reading Where We Belong made me realize that our relationship does not have to look like the typical father-daughter relationship. Because it’s not.

Here we are, about a month after we met.

Sometimes we get so focused on doing things the way we think they “should” be done, without really realizing that we can do things ANY WAY WE WANT. It’s such an “ah ha” moment when that realization hits us & we begin to shape our live & relationships in a way the works best for us.

Overall, Where We Belong was a true keeper. I haven’t met a person who did absolutely love it. I don’t think I’ve given much away about the book, so you should go check it out. I hope you love it as much as I did.


5 thoughts on “Where We Belong

  1. Such a wonderful book. I'm proud of you for being honest with yourself and truly wanting the relationships to develop rather than just do what you think “should” be done! I'm with Kate, cant wait to discuss tonight! I love Book Club nights!

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