Week 8 – Halfway to a 1/2 Marathon!

Here we are, halfway done with our training, which means we are EIGHT WEEKS away from our first 1/2 Marathon! Two months!!

In the first half of traning I ran 105.5 miles. I have 120 to miles go in the final half, before October 14th – race day.

There is one cute note I must share from this week. I hit a hard spot on my long run in Sedgwick County Park today with Cory. So he ran to the other side of the path, swooped down & picked a sunflower for me. Sweetest running partner ever.

On another note, almost as cute, I got a three pack of tennis balls to roll my feet over (the idea came from this pin – http://pinterest.com/pin/36169603228159855/) and this is what happened next:

I began rolling my tootsies.

Then Natty decided she wanted one of the balls.

And since Natty had a ball, Winston needed one.

Which meant Natty STILL had a ball, so of course Winston needed that one too.


In the second half of my training I plan to experiment w/GU, ice baths & foam rollers and who knows what else.

Check back next weekend to see how the next 12 miles go!


2 thoughts on “Week 8 – Halfway to a 1/2 Marathon!

  1. Forgot to give you those tennis balls. Remind me and I'll still give you a can for the pups to play with. No reason to have 4 cans of tennis balls in the trunk of my car!

    Looking forward to FINALLY joining you in the next 120 miles!

  2. Ha – You didn't tell me you had FOUR cans in your trunk! You must have been pumped up on some tennis.

    I am so looking forward to having my running partner back!! See you tomorrow for a chilly two!

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