1/2 Marathon Training: Weeks 5-7 + 1

I haven’t been blogging about my training nearly as much as I had planned to, but I hope to step that up in the second half of training.
Half of me feels like I have been training for so long and the other half feels like 13.1 is still a long way to go.
As of now I’ve been training for 8 weeks, but last week I realized that we started training a week before we were suppose to (following a 16 week training program, so we will have trained for 17 weeks by the time the 1/2 rolls around). I took the extra week & fit in some of the runs I had missed over the first seven.  So next week I will officially be on week 8 of training, with 8 more to go.

Almost to the halfway mark. 

 Each runs seems to be different, sometimes mile one is tough, sometimes it’s mile five. When running w/my first time 1/2 buddies – sometimes chat, sometimes we don’t, sometimes we push each other & sometimes we give each other a break. I will say, getting out there is always worth it.

I had my first running tumble in Omaha. I was trying to avoid geese, slipped on the grass & scrapped my knee & twisted my left ankle. Ouch. This goes down in the books as injury #2.

 Another issue I’ve been having is a pinched nerve in my right foot (admittingly another self-diagnosis) that flares every so often & causes a sharp, shooting pain in the top of my foot & toes. Injury #4.

Sometimes I have to literally pray my way through runs, but I’m not giving up.

I’m looking forward to finishing this week strong, with the Glow Run 5k tonight & either 2.5 or 4 miles tomorrow, depending on how we feel and then starting next week off fresh.

Next week I plan to blog about how I’m feeling at the halfway point in our training & I also plan to talk a little about my playlist (a hot topic in our newbie running circle) -make sure you check back then!


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