Two Year Anniversary

I apologize for being MIA these past three weeks – I have been one busy girl w/BIGwork events, back-to-back-to-back. But now I’m back. To Back. Okay, enough.

Last month Cory & I celebrated our two year anniversary. I honestly can’t believe that two entire years have gone by since we said, “I DO!” Time really does fly.

Below is the verse we chose to be read during our wedding ceremony. It took us several weeks to pick a verse, because we wanted something unique that spoke to us as a couple. Instead, we decided on one of the most commonly used bible verses for weddings. But really, what better advice is there than this?

A couple of my most favorite moments during our wedding day –
The moment I walked down the aisle to see the teary-eyed man I had began loving at 17.
Cory surprising me during our vows by writing his on a giant construction paper heart. Love this kid.
The dress – duh!
Like I love to do during every milestone, big & small, we took some time to reflect on our favorite times over the past year & talk about the things that we would like to see happen in our marriage going forward.
While I’ll keep that sweet conversation just between us, I will share two of my absolute favorite things about being married to Cory.
1. How far we’ve come.
It is wild & amazing & beautiful just how much you change each year of your twenties. And I think it’s just as awesome when two people can find a way to move towards their best selves, without losing sight of each other. This is something that I think Cory & I have done, and continue to do.

We’ve had plenty of hard times over these past two years, but thankfully, we’ve had even more happy times. And through the hard times, we’ve bonded together & grown closer.

I can honestly say that being in love with Cory makes me a better version of myself.

2. The things we share.

And so the story goes that opposites attrac, but then what?
Well, apparently they can find new things they like to do TOGETHER!

At the point in our lives when Cory proposed, one of my biggest frustrations was that we didn’t have that many similiar interests.

He liked hunting, drinking beer in driveways/darkgarages & wearing cut-off t-shirts.

I liked reading, going to classy establishments w/dim lighting & needed a mani/pedi every two weeks.

And while we both still like to do those things, we’ve also found things that we love to do with each other, over anyone else.

For instance, running. And tasting wine & cheese. And fashion – well, that may be going a little far, but at least Cory now likes to expand his wardrobe and even sort of understands what I mean when I say that an article of clothing is an investment piece.

Here we are at Oeno, sampling wine & cheese to celebrate our anniversary. Well, I was sampling wine; Cory had something else in mind that evening.

We love taking our dogs on walks. And cooking. (Okay, he cooks – I pour the wine or open the beer, which is another thing we share – I’m a beer drinker!) And traveling. We love to travel.

And talking. And being outside, even if it is just to sit. And setting goals & accomplishing them. And bike riding. And trying all sorts of new things (date night yoga, anyone?)!

 The past two years have been some of the best in my life & I am thankful for every second of them. Here’s to another two more. And the seventy after that…

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