1/2 Marathon Training Weeks 2-4

Well…it’s been a rocky couple of weeks. Week 2 started off well, in fact, I went on run w/Kristine & we had such a great conversation that I was smiling all day long. Here is a photo I took in Sedgwick County Park after that run:
And then I had an “off day” on Tuesday. I wasn’t feeling hot (or productive) & since I only had a 2 mile run to get in I decided to reschedule it & skip boot camp too. Mistake.
I know myself. I know that I can let myself get into my head & come up w/excuses not to do what needs to be done, or reschedule my task for another day, when really – there is no real reason I shouldn’t just do it at the time. I know that when I don’t force myself to just go do the things that I need to do, they may never get done.
Thankfully, I was able to rebound from this & get all of my runs in for the week, including a 5 MILE long run w/Cory in Montana. That accomplishment felt awesome. I had run 5 miles right around my wedding, so it wasn’t my first 5 miles, but I had run that first 5 miles on a treadmill while watching Oprah. So this 5 miles felt much more worthy. Although, 5 miles is 5 miles, no matter how you get there.
This was our 5 mile view:
(Side note – as a “new” runner, I’m finding that I enjoy outside runs, especially in the a.m., MUCH more than I like running on the treadmill. TV & all. That’s definitely a change!)
Week Three is really where things got rocky. Running on a dirt road in Montana I rolled my foot. Not my ankle, my foot. Ouch. And then I did it again, twice. *Explicit word!* So I took a couple of days off.
This is the road we were running on while I rolled my ankle:
After that I found that it hurt more to wiggle/angle my foot than it did to walk or run. So we got back out there.
This is another running road of ours while on vaca:
I didn’t complete all of my runs during weeks 3 & 4 due to my injury & traveling, which bummed me out. I’ve been advised not to skip runs & I had planned on not, but life happens.
No worries – I’m back in the saddle. (Is it “in the saddle” or “on the saddle”? Now I just sound like my husband.) Cory, Bonnie, her friend, Amy & I completed our first ever 10k this morning. That is 6.2 miles!! How cool! A first for all of us.
Here is Amy & Bonnie (L-R) pre-race:
And a little pre-run stretch:
(Another side note: I used to not believe in stretching cold muscles, pre-run, but it seemed to help. My halves & shins were on fire during our last run so Cory suggested that I stretch them before this run. I’m thinking it helped because I didn’t even feel them on this run. I didn’t stretch out any other area until after the race though. If you have comments on pre-running stretching, please leave them!!)
The race went relatively well, besides the re-rolling of my foot. That is not good. I had it looked at after the race & it may be a hairline fracture. I’m going to ice it daily & give it a break when it needs one. Has this happened to anyone else?? I would love to hear your advice, if so.
Also, I felt pretty weak during miles 4 & 5, but I only had 1/2 a banana pre-race (it started at 7 a.m. – we barely made it there as is), so I plan to eat a little more next time. Maybe oatmeal w/blueberries.
We finished in 106:15, which is around 10:40 minute miles!  Here we are at the end of the race, sprinting to the finish, after we all crossed and w/our running supporter (since she is an injured runner), Alex:
The rest of the weekend I will be taking a running break, icing my foot & looking forward to week 5!

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