Green Tweed

Fashion fades, only style remains the same. – Coco Chanel

One of the things that I love the most is style. I like to feel good about what I’m wearing every day – to work, to go out, to the gym, to the grocery store – all of the time. That doesn’t mean I have to get all dressed up for these activities all of the time, it just means that I like to feel like what I’m wearing represents me well.

So it only feels right that my blog, in which I write about my life, includes some style posts.

My inspiration comes from one of my favorite blogs, Gal Meets Glam.

Summer Work Attire – Green Tweed

I picked up this skirt during my most recent business trip to Vegas (and got a discount on it – score!). I had been eyeing it in the J Crew catalog for awhile, so to find it on sale was particulary sweet. Tweed tends to feel more like a fall/winter pattern, but the bright, vibrant colors just scream spring & summer.

Shirt – Limited, Skirt – J Crew, Shoes – Charles by Charles David , Necklace – Francesa’s, Belt – Target, Watch – Michael Kors, Bag – Vintage Coach (Thanks Nana)
PS – I must blame Beth Busch & her good intentions for my J Crew addiction. When I accepted my first “big girl job” she sent me a J Crew gift card as a congratulations. Two years later & I can’t kick the habit! It’s a good thing I don’t live within driving distance of one. : )

1/2 Marathon Training Weeks 2-4

Well…it’s been a rocky couple of weeks. Week 2 started off well, in fact, I went on run w/Kristine & we had such a great conversation that I was smiling all day long. Here is a photo I took in Sedgwick County Park after that run:
And then I had an “off day” on Tuesday. I wasn’t feeling hot (or productive) & since I only had a 2 mile run to get in I decided to reschedule it & skip boot camp too. Mistake.
I know myself. I know that I can let myself get into my head & come up w/excuses not to do what needs to be done, or reschedule my task for another day, when really – there is no real reason I shouldn’t just do it at the time. I know that when I don’t force myself to just go do the things that I need to do, they may never get done.
Thankfully, I was able to rebound from this & get all of my runs in for the week, including a 5 MILE long run w/Cory in Montana. That accomplishment felt awesome. I had run 5 miles right around my wedding, so it wasn’t my first 5 miles, but I had run that first 5 miles on a treadmill while watching Oprah. So this 5 miles felt much more worthy. Although, 5 miles is 5 miles, no matter how you get there.
This was our 5 mile view:
(Side note – as a “new” runner, I’m finding that I enjoy outside runs, especially in the a.m., MUCH more than I like running on the treadmill. TV & all. That’s definitely a change!)
Week Three is really where things got rocky. Running on a dirt road in Montana I rolled my foot. Not my ankle, my foot. Ouch. And then I did it again, twice. *Explicit word!* So I took a couple of days off.
This is the road we were running on while I rolled my ankle:
After that I found that it hurt more to wiggle/angle my foot than it did to walk or run. So we got back out there.
This is another running road of ours while on vaca:
I didn’t complete all of my runs during weeks 3 & 4 due to my injury & traveling, which bummed me out. I’ve been advised not to skip runs & I had planned on not, but life happens.
No worries – I’m back in the saddle. (Is it “in the saddle” or “on the saddle”? Now I just sound like my husband.) Cory, Bonnie, her friend, Amy & I completed our first ever 10k this morning. That is 6.2 miles!! How cool! A first for all of us.
Here is Amy & Bonnie (L-R) pre-race:
And a little pre-run stretch:
(Another side note: I used to not believe in stretching cold muscles, pre-run, but it seemed to help. My halves & shins were on fire during our last run so Cory suggested that I stretch them before this run. I’m thinking it helped because I didn’t even feel them on this run. I didn’t stretch out any other area until after the race though. If you have comments on pre-running stretching, please leave them!!)
The race went relatively well, besides the re-rolling of my foot. That is not good. I had it looked at after the race & it may be a hairline fracture. I’m going to ice it daily & give it a break when it needs one. Has this happened to anyone else?? I would love to hear your advice, if so.
Also, I felt pretty weak during miles 4 & 5, but I only had 1/2 a banana pre-race (it started at 7 a.m. – we barely made it there as is), so I plan to eat a little more next time. Maybe oatmeal w/blueberries.
We finished in 106:15, which is around 10:40 minute miles!  Here we are at the end of the race, sprinting to the finish, after we all crossed and w/our running supporter (since she is an injured runner), Alex:
The rest of the weekend I will be taking a running break, icing my foot & looking forward to week 5!


If you haven’t been, you should go. And if you’re in that boat you’re probably thinking, “Montana? What’s in Montana?” To which the answer is, nothing. That’s right, nothing.
Nothing but open space. Nothing but salt of the earth people. Nothing but nature. Nothing to distract you from slowing down a little bit.

I’ve been back in Kansas for three days & I’m already missing the cool, clean air, the mountains & the slowness of life. Here are some highlights from our trip:

The Swan River was literally in our backyard, you could even hear it as you were laying down to sleep. Peaceful. : )
This is the view of the back of our cabin; notice the sweet bonfire we had going. And Cory w/his grandma & aunt – love spending time w/them! His grandma is who we go to Montana to visit & his aunt grew there, but not lives in Hawaii.
You just can’t beat the scenery at every bend & turn in Montana.
Glacier National Park!
Making smores w/my sweetie.
Hiking up Holland Falls.
At the peak of our hike w/the waterfall behind us.
Dinner at our family friends, Roger & Jerry’s house. Jerry’s garden is amazing – Cory eating strawberries from the vine.
Montana See-Saw.
Cory has been visiting Montana since he can remember & I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to join him since 2007. Being out in the backwoods of Montana helps me to refresh my perspective on life, humbles me and makes it easy to see & appreciate all the beauty that the Lord created.
I look forward to visiting again!