How to Love an American Man

Don’t you love the feeling you get when you finish up a really good book? Contentment, excitement, reflection & after all of that is over – the hunger to start something new & fresh.
That’s how I’m feeling as we wrap up our second book club in which we discussed “How to Love an American Man.” Last night’s was a bit different though – we had the chance to SKYPE w/the author, Kristine Gasbarre. How cool is that!?!
Here we all are, Skyping w/Kristine:
During our first book club we had seven ladies, but this month our numbers almost doubled at 12 in attendance. This makes a big difference in the atmosphere & focus so, for now, we’ve decided to max our group out at 12.
We were definitely excited to be Skyping  with Kristine halfway through the discussion – so that amounted to lots of chatter as well!
How to Love an American Man…
The overall consensous of the group was very positive. A couple of girls said that it was one of the best books they’ve ever read & everyone agreed that her writing is so relatable. As Kristine later explained, the story is much more about womanhood & discovering how to be who you are than about how to fall in love & be in a relationship. Which, in itself is the whole point, right? 
Kristine Gasbarre…
If you didn’t completely fall in love w/the book to begin with, you did once you met & fell in love with the author.
Kristine chatted with us post-walk w/her newish puppy & fit right in with our group. Talking to her was just like talking to one of the girls. She is so down to earth, true to her convictions & like she said, “nothing if not an open book.”
Here she is again on Skype:

We had such a fun evening getting to know Kristine. Here we all are together:
On another note – something else exciting has happened to our humble, little book club. Kristine connect me with Oprah Winfrey Network TV via Twitter & they will be sending us 12 author signed copies of Wild, by Cheryl Strayed! This is the first book that Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 will be reading. So cool!
To make it even better, Kristine Gasbarre will be reading the book & Skyping in to dicsuss with our book club!
Gotta love technology & social media. Until next time!


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