Here Goes Nothing: 1/2 Marathon Training Week One

This week we officially began our 1/2 marathon training program. I say officially because we’ve really been running consistently (2-3 a week) for the past three weeks & technically I’ve been running at least weekly all year. So I guess you can say we’ve been “pre-prepping.”
We began our official prep by heading to Go Run to grab some new running shoes. And they were awesome. The staff spent an hour helping us select the perfect pair of shoes based on the way we run. Although I must admit that this was the first time in my life in which the deciding factor of a shoe purchase was not based on apperance (call me shallow).

These are our first pair of Brooks!

Monday we began our runs! I had a 12 hour work day and Alex got off of work at 9 p.m., so we ran late, around 9:45 p.m.

It was a surprisingly easy run – 3 miles around my neighborhood @ Kellogg & Maize.

She is hardcore with all of her gadgets & supplies, post-run.

On Tuesday evening I ran 2 miles before boot camp w/Cory & on Wednesday we ran together again, this time 3 miles. We parked at the grocery store (as Cory would say, “our grocery store” – the Dillons at Kellogg & Maize) & ran up to 119th & 13th  before making our way back to shop. For some reason, Wednesday was a tough run for me – maybe it was bc we ran shortly after work, with the day’s heat still lingering at 6:30 p.m., but I made it through.
Thursday morning Kristine, Alex & I met at Sedgwick County Park at 6:15 to get in our 3 miles. Here we are, well – our silhouettes, per Kristine & Alex’s threats to stop reading my blog if I posted early morning, no makeup photos of us,  pre-run:

It was a peaceful run, with almost no one else in the park yet. Though I will say at 9:30 per mile, I had to push myself. The other runs we’ve been running between a 10-11:30 minute mile.
Friday was my rest day, but Saturday Alex, Cory & I woke up before 6 a.m. to join the other Go Runners out east for our first group run.
We were scheduled to run 4 miles, which was more than Alex & I had ever run outside, but still pretty easy for Cory. I had put my body through a lot on Thursday & Friday, between drinks & heavy food, so even waking up early Saturday morning was a feat, let alone running 4 miles.
Thankfully, we made it & with flying colors! For me, first two miles weren’t the easiest, but mile three & four went pretty smoothly.
The bad news: Alex has had an ankle injury since the River Run & it flared up pretty bad after 4 miles. More news on that to come…
Overall I ran 15 miles this week! Pretty cool to think about as I’m pretty sure I’ve never ran that many miles in a week. And it’s just week one.
It is still hard to imagine that we will be running 13.1 miles in four short months, but we are taking it one run at a time. Focusing only on what we have to accomplish each day & trusting that we will get there.

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