Spring 2012 – Come & Gone (Last Bucket List Update)

Well, well, well. Here I am on June 18th, basking the middle of almost official summer (it’s here next Wednesday!) & I still have five items left uncrossed on my Spring Bucket List.

Such is life, right? I always make my to do lists a tad too long – it’s hard not to! Here are the rest of my checked off to do’s + the ones I didn’t quite get to.

– Make Glitter Easter Eggs
– Grill Out Often
Not often enough for my taste, but considering we are rarely home for dinner, grilling out as much as we did will have to do.
You must have some sort of drink in hand while you grill.
One of our first grilled meals of the season – eaten al fresco (or al fresca, like Cory says).

– Ride Bikes

We took our bikes out for the first time this week & had a nice, long, sweaty ride around Sedgwick County Park!

– Celebrate my Birthday
– Have a Picnic

No picnics for this girl, yet. We do plan on going to the vineyard in Clearwater, buying up a bottle of wine (after we taste our fair share, of course) & camping out for a picnic lunch. Now to get that plan on the calendar…

– Travel to California
– Walk Dogs Often
– Complete Warrior Dash
– Shop at the Farmer’s Market

There’s always summer…

– Play Tennis

It’s been too many years to count since I’ve played. Now that I’ve taken on this 1/2 marathon – who knows when we’ll get time to play tennis! Maybe this will be a fall to do.

– Travel to Vegas

One of my favorite Vegas trips ever, even if I had to work! Here’s Alex & I after dinner at SW in the Wynn.

– Go to the Drive-In

We must go this summer. It’s been one of my favorite Wichita activities since I was a child & now that my husband has a big truck we have NO EXCUSE!

– Put Our House on the Market
– Read Often (Outside)

I’m going to blame this one on the weather. We had such a short spring that most of my reading did not get done outside. Even so, here are the books I read this spring:

Ideal Wife
Heart of the Matter
Fifty Shades of Grey
How to Love an American Man

The last is for June’s book club & my first purchase from Watermark Books – awesome little space.

– Attend WSU Baseball Game
– Spring Clean
– Make Up Jar Project

Will this one ever get done? Who knows. : )

Now it’s time to move on & as much as I love to do lists, I think I will just take the summer to enjoy whatever it is I choose to do & of course, soak up the sun.

Enjoy the last day of spring tomorrow!


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