National Running Day

I’ve always been a runner. A runner who runs once or twice a month & calls it good, that is.
This January, we were on vacation in Hawaii & used running as our main form of exersize. You can’t really beat running along the beach. From then on I’ve taken my running a little more seriously, building up endurance & training for the 2 mile River Run, two 5ks & the Warrior Dash – a 5k obstacle course this year so far.
I mean, I grew up as an athlete. When I was a child I was in dance classes, took gymnastics & excelled in cheerleading. In middle school & high school I added: track, soccer & tennis to the list of sports I played. As you can see, those sports involve lots of running, either during the actual sport or training for it.
So running is not new to me, but it has not been something that I’ve excelled at – other than sprinting (I can do a mean 10 second sprint, ask my husband).
A couple of weeks ago a glorious thing happened. A friend from work swayed Cory & I to run in the Victory in the Valley 5k with her & her boyfriend. They had not been preparing for the race (neither had I) & were’nt huge runners to begin with, so while Cory wanted to get a good time, I promised to stay with them.
I started off running at a pace slower than I had ever gone before. After about a mile there was a hill & for some reason, I had a burst of energy & felt ALIVE when running up it. The rest of the race went so well & I wasn’t even out of breath when I sprinted across the finish line.
I felt AMAZING. I would soon discover that during that race I had found “my pace.”
This is Cory & I on a run around our neighborhood this morning. It IS National Running Day, after all.

Meanwhile, my best friend, Alex had been prepping for some running events this spring/summer too. One day after we finished a two-mile run, she mentioned that she would eventually like to run a half marathon. She was even considering signing up for the Prairie Fire.
And so the story goes…
I’m running a 1/2 marathon THIS YEAR. Holy shit (pardon my French).
 I always thought I might do one, just not so soon.
Duing the time we were debating, my friend Kristine & the same friend I ran Victory in the Valley with, Bonnie also mentioned that they were considering running in the Prairie Fire. My husband is participating in the Tough Mudder (like the Warrior Dash, but much more intense & about 4 times as long – 10 to 12 miles) a week before the Prairie Fire 1/2 & said he would run it too, since he will already be training. And then my friend Kate mentiuoned that she wanted to do something to get in shape.It was meant to be.
So here we are, five first time 1/2 marathoners & my husband (who is out of our running league), training for our run in October.
Follow my blog weekly, as I will be posting updates on how our training is going. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to run one too. : )

4 thoughts on “National Running Day

  1. Haha – you'll do great, Kate. You can do anything you set your mind to. Plus you'll have the support of 4 other awesome ladies & a workout schedule laid out for you. You can do it!

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