Lately I’ve found myself complaining often. It’s not an attractive habit. In fact, it’s nasty. Especially when I am blessed beyond belief, as is everyone else I know.  
I’ve been complaining to everyone who will listen about this or that, but most often I’ve been complaining about my work load & stress level. It’s almost like I complain to get a bit of relief, by taking everything out of my head & putting it on to others to analyze & help share the burden.
But when I get done, it doesn’t really feel like relief. It just feels like complaining. Yuck.
When I first started working for the firm I’m currently with, our small group was reading a book called, “The Good and Beautiful God,” in which one of our tasks was to list the things we considered blessings in our lives.
I decided it was high time to revisit the list of 60 blessings that I had compiled a year & a half earlier.

It’s so easy to get out of the habit of being thankful for the lives that we lead, which I realize now more than ever when I view my list of blessings and can immediately think of ten + more that I could add to the list.

I think sometimes we need to just take a deep breath & give ourselves a reminder.

Here are five things I had on my list:
1. My Husband.
(Here we are at Wine Fest. I got into beer for him & he got into wine for me.)
I could write a whole post on the qualities I am thankful to have in my husband (and perhaps I will), but most importantly I am thankful for this: Cory is always willing to try. It’s simple thing, but something that I don’t take for granted. I know many ladies whose spouses are stuck in their ways & so stubborn that they are unwilling to try anything new, whether it be reaching for a fitness goal together, going to therapy or enjoying a place outside of their norm. Seeing this reminds me of how thankful I am for my man. : ) 
2. Our Home.

(Right after we closed.)
Now that it is on the market & may no longer be ours, I appreciate even more than I did when I made this list. It’s been a lovely first home to have, although it may be a bit cookie-cutter, we have all the space we could want.
3. Our small group friends.
(Quin & Kristine celebrating my 26th birthday w/me.)
Over the past year we’ve added some really awesome people to our bible study & I am continually thankful to be in a group of people who push & encourage me to grow as a person, without judging where I’m coming from.
4. Yoga.
(Cory & Kristine posing outside of our favorite yoga studio. This was Cory’s first class – back to #1.)
I’ve been in & out the practice over the past year & am now getting more serious w/it again (meaning, REALLY trying to go once or twice a week, not once or two a season & saying that I try to go once a week). I’m thankful to have somewhere to go to be silent, to push my body & to “get my yoga glow” when I leave.
5. People that believe in me.

(My brother-in-law, sister, cousin & nephews came to support me at the River Run! So sweet.)
I’m thankful to have people in my life who believe in me, even when I don’t always believe in myself. Everyone should have at least one person like this in their life.
Here are five things that I would add to my list, if I were to redo it today:
1. Baby Briggs.
He is the sweetest baby I have ever met.
2. My Body.

(Pre-River Run.)
It’s amazing the things that it can do.
3. Hope.

(A view from our hotel room in Northern Colorado last fall.)
For us, right now there is a hope in the air that we will be able to move our lives to Colorado & start a wonderful adventure, somewhere new to both of us.
4. Live Concerts.

(At the Eli Young Band w/some of my pretty friends in Feb. Eli Young is always a good time.)
Because what’s not to love? This is definitely a favorite past time of ours that we share with our respective BFs.
5. My struggles.

(Walking the dogs in the park on a Saturday morning – another new & loved past time of ours.)

I just ran across this quote tonight: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” When we’re in the middle of turmoil in our lives, it’s so easy to think, “Why me?” “Again?” But looking back, it’s easy to be thankful for what we’ve gone through because it makes us who we are today.
I started to write this on Friday evening & have honestly felt so much more thankful since that evening. It’s awesome what counting your blessings & saying thanks can do for your attitude.
I hope this inspires you to make a list of all of the things you are thankful for, big & small.
Happy Counting!

4 thoughts on “Complaints

  1. Love you, Audra! You inspire me to be more thankful, grateful and just an overall better person! Jamie Taulbee

  2. Thank you Jamie! I love you & can say the same for you too. : ) You inspire me to be a working girl to the fullest & I hope to be where you are careerwise someday!

  3. You're such a good person and wise lady. Everyone complains but you always put a positive spin on everything. Kudos!

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