Book Club

This week I hosted my very first book club. SUPER EXCITING!
After multiple different conversations with multiple different girlfriends, I decided to bite the bullet, put my inner-nerd out there & start a book club.
I love reading & so do many of the women I hang out with. I’m always reccommending books to others, discussing what I’ve read or am currently reading & trying to influence my non-reading friends to get addicted to the habit too.

I’ve got a passion for books, baby! And Cory calls me his little bookworm.

It was time to start a little book club.
I’m happy to report that all went well. Better than well, actually. It was super fun!
We had seven ladies take part in the evening & the cool thing was that few knew each other prior to Thursday. We had a couple of professional connections & one prior bible study connection, but all of the girls came out of pure love of reading. Which, in my opinion, made all the difference.
We read Emily Giffin’s “Heart of the Matter”, her fifth book published to date. Several of us had read at least some, if not all, of her other books & are a big fans of her writing, largely because it is so relatable. Her sixth book comes out on July 24th, 2012 (my second wedding anniversary!). Heads up to potential book clubers – we’re considering reading this for our August book club – it’s called “Where We Belong.” Check out her website:

We munched on enchiladas (here’s the recipe I got off of Pinterest:, lots of delicious dips & sipped some sweet sangria (made w/tequila – another Pinterest gem: while getting to know one another.
And then we got down to book business. We had about an hour long conversation, losely based off of some questions I picked up from the author’s reading guide (you can find that on her website, or here:, but as all worthy groups go – those questions lead us into all kinds of discussion.  
Overall, everyone had rave reviews on the book & I think enjoyed the evening.
L-R: Raquel, Amanda, Bonnie, Kate, myself, Jennifer & Kristine
Awesome ladies, awesome evening, awesome book club!
 Check out our Facebook event for our next meeting date & book. We’ve already had more than a handful of girls ask to be added-on to the Facebook event group (you should be able to add yourself or a friend on w/out admin approval, by the way) so please feel free to join if you’re interested!
If you love books like we do, we would love to have you!

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