Spring Bucket List Update 2: Carpe Diem

As we are halfway through with this fine season, I thought I would update you all on how my SBL is going. I’ve made some major progress, but still need to get some stuff crossed off my list.
– Make Glitter Easter Eggs
– Grill Out Often
– Ride Bikes
– Celebrate my Birthday
Here with our good friends, Chelsey & Ryan
Me w/my gorgeous & wise friend, Lindsay
– Have a Picnic
– Travel to California

– Walk Dogs Often
They are loving their 3x a week habit!
– Complete Warrior Dash
Tough, but worth it & so much fun! I’m ready to do another one!

– Shop at the Farmer’s Market
– Play Tennis
– Travel to Vegas (One Month from Today!!)
– Go to the Drive-In
– Put Our House on the Market

Yes!!! After months of work to get it ready, it felt great to put that For Sale sign up!

– Read Often (Outside)
– Attend WSU Baseball Game

I’m sort of cheating on this one. My company sponsored a WSU baseball game last month, so technically we attended the game, but most of it was watched from behind the bar of our suite (playing bartendar for the day). So we still need to try & make another one. Anyone want to accompany us??

– Spring Clean

Another cheat. This one is only about a 25% cheat though. We super spring cleaned the majority of our house. It’s organized, spotless & I’m loving it. It truly frees up your mind space to live in a clean & ORGANIZED (most important, in my opinion) home. So…the cheat comes because we lost steam & haven’t totally organized the master bath, kitchen or garage. Those three rooms are still on our To Do List.

– Make Up Jar Project

I’ve got some pretty fun things still ahead of me this spring & I hope you do too! Be inspired – take an item or two off of my list or create your own, whether it be on paper, a blog or just in your head.


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