Here’s how I spent my 26th Birthday:
The night before my birthday I was up prepping to volunteer with Junior Achievement, teaching a 2nd grade classroom at Benton Elementary School. Not gonna lie – I felt pretty in over my head! I learned that being a teacher takes a lot of organization!
I started off my Monday with a 90 minute massage. : ) I loved this quote in the waiting room.
Then Cory & I took the dogs on a long walk trough Pawnee Prairie Park.

Here I am, walking into Benton on my first day! It was a lot less scary than I imagined it would be, though I have to give mad props to my teacher friends – I was exhausted every day after I left.
Ahh – relaxation.
Wearing my pretty “A” necklace from my sweet friend, Lindsay.
Cory switched shifts so that he could have Monday evening off to take me out. : ) We went to Bonefish for dinner & then to Mort’s for some 2-4-1 martinis. It was a little flashback to my 21st birthday, which was also a Monday that went spent at Mort’s as well.

Yum. PB&J Martini.
We ended the evening by catching a movie in the Director’s Suite at Warren Old Town. And, okay, splitting a pitcher.
And of course, a birthday gift. : ) Love.
To sum up my feelings on life at this point:
Here’s to 26!

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