Palm Sunday – Spring Bucket List Update

In a recent post I mentioned my Spring Bucket List. This past Sunday, Palm Sunday, I crossed an item off of my list! My family got together for Sunday lunch at my Mom’s & we made Glitter Easter Eggs!

– Make Glitter Easter Eggs
– Grill Out Often
– Ride Bikes
– Celebrate my Birthday
– Have a Picnic
– Travel to California
– Walk Dogs Often
– Complete Warrior Dash
– Shop at the Farmer’s Market
– Play Tennis
– Travel to Vegas
– Go to the Drive-In
– Put Our House on the Market
– Read Often (Outside)
– Attend WSU Baseball Game
– Spring Clean
– Make Up Jar Project
I stumbled across the idea on Pinterest & decided to try & simplify it because, who I am kidding, I’m no Martha Stewart.
The eggs.
The glue. Which I DO NOT reccomend for this project, unless you want to have sticky fingers the rest of the day.
The glitter!
The method.
The results. They may not be flawless, but they are pretty! We made some non-glitter eggs too.
The winner. My mom is more crafty than my sister & I put together. This was her egg, of course. Dyed w/KoolAid & Glittered. : )
 I will also say that we have been grilling out & walking the dogs often (two of my FAVORITE things to begin doing again every spring) but I’ll wait to cross those items off of the list until closer to the end of the season.
Happy April Everyone!

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